Monday, December 1, 2008

Azhole-nuub or something like that

Well I made it into the second real instance.. Azjol Nerub.. or something. Well whatever its called..

It was pretty cool really. Lots of spiders. The only caveat was the waves of autopulls. One guy in the group called it an "event". Well whatever, they come in 3's. and there is no downtime. So make sure your tank is good at holding aggro on multiple mobs, and your healer keeps you topped off.. lifetap early if you are a lock so your healer can top you and your mana off. These aren't terribly tough fights, but a prot spec tank is a must really(or feral tank, or DK frost spec..etc). We started with a ret pally tanking, and that was a fail, so he respec'd and then it was a breeze. Mana efficiency was kinda rough at this stage still for me personally. I did manage to top the damage meter (yeah me!!, and over higher level folks with better gear!!!)

It was a neat run but make sure you don't go in half cocked at 71-73 or you might get smacked around pretty good.

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