Wednesday, February 11, 2009

fail... folowed by epic fail

Last night I was all ready to rock out in the vaults of arch.. vaults of.. whatever the vaults place in wintergrasp.

Anyway... so I get logged on and manage to find a group (woot for 25 man!!) and we run it.. cake. Easily done sir, easily.

Fail 1: I got bupkis as far as drops.. I was hopeful (naively so) that I'd get something.. ANYTHING. but alas not meant to be.

So I'm down due to the lack of epic goodness, therefore I throw it up to go into the 10 man flavor. I notice that there's 2 groups of 24 in the LFG channel for the 10 man vault (yes you did read that right.. I don't get it either). Not promising, I know.. So anyway i decide to go LFG for Violet Hold (VH) and see if I can get in a heroic for that. There is precisely 2 people LFG for heroic VH. Myself and a REALLY poorly geared dps warrior. So my thought is I'm going to be stuck and not get a chance to do anything more tonight.. oh well chit chat is fine.. maybe I'll queue up for some PvP **(see below). Before I can I get a note from a nice fella wanting to know about my gear (my first gearcheck EVER.. woot!). I throw my stats at him, crit/hp/spellpower/hit. I get an invite fast. WOOT. So now I'm summoning folks into the wintergrasp area just in front of the 10 man vault portal. YEAH!! I get DC'd. DOH!!! I quickly reconnect as fast as I can. I get logged in and thankfully nobody noticed (I got raid buffed while I was not seeing anything).. Poof again DC'd.

Epic Fail: I try to log on again and see the bad news.. my modem is flashing red lights (red=bad, mmkay). So I unplug the modem, and wait 10 seconds for a reset. BOOM back to the modem. Ok now its doign its thing booting back up.. I'm getting antsy as my group was clearing trash to the mob (if you don't know there's like 4 guys there and thats it.. 4 guys and a boss, so its hardly like clearing naxx). I get a connection eventually (took another 2 minutes), and log in.. WOOT!! and then.... I notice my group stomped right on through to the boss and booted me from the raid. I expected this, and regretted this. Now there's nobody in LFG for the 10 man vault.. None.. nobody in LFG for VH or anything I need. So I get all pissy and log off of mcgoo and switch to my DK.

So Grim is at the point where he needs to do the cooking quest in Tanaris, and do the fishing quest to further both skills. So I go to tanaris.. no quest.. read online that i need to go to ironforge and see a trainer that gives me the quest to go to dirge in tanaris. So.... I go to ironforge, I go to the trainer.. no quest. No nothing. So everything was a wash.. everything was terrible.. and I got nothing.. I got no new gear.. no new badges from the 10 man.. no quest to work on in cooking.. and flew all over azeroth to get there. So, in a huff.. I log off and curse loudly at the PC.

I'll try tomorrow night to get something done.. I'd try tonight but there's just no way unless the horrible storms and wind (yes wind.. some friggin crazy wind in this area). My current PC is a joke, but I can't get it blown up from a surge... sigh.. this may prove to be a terrible night weather wise, I still have a friggin branch on my roof (kinda hanging on/around some power lines) so I'm hoping that THAT turns out to be a headache for the power company and not me. Well... I'll find out soon enough..

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