Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mcgoo in the hiz-ouse

Mcgoo.. what can I say.. He's the best toon I've got. I can play him better than any of my other toons and I typically can perform higher on all accounts when I am playing him. I am crafty with him and use all his tricks to devastate opponents.

Needless to say Mcgoo is boring.

I had stopped playing mcgoo actively so that I could get dwarf moving up towards the cap, but that stopped when i saw that my good ole buddy Yara was sporting more epics than I could shake a stick at. do what?!? So I look into it. Ole yara stopped his PvP ways (almost) and his focussing on doing heroics and such. With the same intensity he had with PvP. Instead of logging on and doing 4-5 bg's in a night, now he's doing 4-5 heroics in a night. So his gear is stellar (compared to mine). So I get whiney.. I mean inquisitive and ask him about where I should be (since he's told me about being booted from groups for lackluster dps and gear).. he tells me "you're better off than I was when I started".


I was apparently laboring under the idea that I was somehow inferiorly geared for these things and I needed to (as in BC) make my crafted set (which I may NEVER get done cuz ZOMG forstweave, but I digress) to be able to step up into things. His insight opens many doors for me. So I log on to Mcgoo last night and start trolling around looking for the "need dps for (random heroic) PST" tells in LFG. Instead I remember that some of yara's better gear has PVP stats (do what?) and he said it was a drop (drop? PvP epics? do what?). Now behold my new favorite place

Wintergrasp- vault of archavon.
Ok this little place is a RAID like encounter with almost no work/prep involved. Basically there is 4 guys in side.. Then a raid boss. Same for 10/25 man. Its a "beat the clock" kinda thing, so you have 5 mins from start of the boss to kill him before he "enrages" and stomps you into the ground. SWEET!!! Lets check what I need to be in there (woot, wowwiki!!). I am CLOSE to the minimum req's so I decide I'll throw my hat in the ring. boom.. 10 man. We get there and I come in 5th in DPS.. So not stellar, but really.. if they are geared like yara I will never outperform them in my rags I wear. And loe and behold.. look what drops..Deadly Gladiator's Felweave Handguards. yes.. yes indeed sirs/madams. So I freak out with excitement (my first WOTLK epic.. woot).. take it and graciously thank everyone (I won the roll out of "ew he has only THAT to wear?" excitement from the group). Raidleader says.. "we're goign to try a 25 man if anyone wants to stick around!!".. Sure. Why not? So we get in there** and do our thing again and the priest apparently loves life as everything that dropped was awesome and for PRIEST only (only 1 in raid). So I run off to dalaran to get my enchant and then portal to IF to get my gem for it.. I spent more gold than I will admit to on the gem, and still owe a buddy some dust for the enchant but needless to say ole mcgoo now isn't as scrubby as before.. with a few more pieces of gear here/there he might be up to his old level of bad-ass-ery. Suddenly I am excited to play mcgoo again. So tonight barring good TV I'll be pounding away at some heroics to try to get some badges (sadly it takes a bigillion to get anything). Perhaps a few drops will make things a bit better for me, who knows.

What I do know is that ole Mcgoo is on the road again and without reason to stop..

**sidenote: If you are in a group with multiple locks, and someone is summoning, let the other lock know who you are summoning so he's not wasting time. I had an issue with a fellow lock summoning inside the instance without letting me know and so I'm standing there with 2 people trying to summon folks that are either in the process of being summoned or are waiting to accept HIS summoning. Manners are not big online, but seriously.. I wasted time and could've been helping clear trash.. The "LOL we're summoning the last 3 at the boss now" is not a good way to let a guy know who's been saying "I need 1 more for summoning" in raidchat that he's been screwing his time up..sigh.. I digress.

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