Wednesday, February 4, 2009

State of the dwarf...

From my /yawn.. /stretch posting.. I am updating my status on my active toons.


He is a bad mama-jamma. I really feel that he is more interesting to level than Mcgoo was. I was having no trouble at all as a BM spec guy, so I heard rumblings of "SV spec is WAY OP they should nerf it.." which in translated to my ears is "you should be SV.. cuz it is teh awesome". So now I'm a survival spec hunter. and here is my favorite 3 words..


It shows up in my text when I get one. I don't know what a mage hits for in northrend but I know that mcgoo never hit that hard on crits at this level. I can on an easy day hit a single mob for 5k crit on explosive shot. Its happened several times and I usually almost die cuz its the niftiest thing in the world for a guy who has been a SLOW drain on mob's HP to suddenly see things disappear... like over 50% of their life. There are problems with survival though..

Aggro. I can't seem to get people to leave me alone when I hit them for 5k. Any ideas? LMAO. I continue to toy with the idea of getting a "tank" pet instead of my trusty wasp "mosquito". However, this hasn't really been something that I've PUSHED for. I figure I'll get one eventually just to try it out and ditch my cat pet (sniff.. bye bye king B from STV). I am intending on getting a gorrilla or a worm. I have heard nothing about worms as tank pets but the fact that they reduce armor means they provide me with some of the utility my wasp already does only with less damage and more threat(which I would gladly allow him to have). No ETA on this but as I am in dragonblight now and have rode past the jormungar out there, I figure it may be soon.

Money. I have found that I am a bit of a priss-pot when it comes to some things. Like ammo. I only use mammoth cutters. Only. When I get below 1k and no backstorage.. I start looking for someone to make me some. I should probably check the AH as it is a wonderous place for goodies like that and engineers are used to not getting any gold for their time (sorry guys, I know it sucks), but I never do. It takes a reasonable amount of mats to get a bullet machine or whatever its called that makes 2k bullets. I don't think its unreasonable to say that this means I am forking out a LOT of gold. I dislike repairing gear because I do not like to loose money. I like to MAKE money. I typically get very cranky when I have a huge repair bill and have no junk in my inventory to sell off to cover this loss.. I usually do not repair (regardless of questing status) until my bags are full of crap to sell off. So yes, occassionally I am fighting 2 elites at a time in mostly red gear cuz I can't get my bags full to go repair. Is it smart? no. It's me though.. go figure.

Mcgoo is coming next... stay tuned!

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