Monday, February 16, 2009

Orly... STFU!!

Well I have been piddling with my deathknight just leveling cooking/fishing at the same time kinda stuff.. but Sunday night I took some time to stop.. and play mcgoo. I wanted to run heroic Violet Hold (apparently 30% of my total upgrades I am after specifically are in there.. sigh).

So I log on to mcgoo and grab atikam, my goofball huntard buddy, and we scour the LFG. Boom, got a healer.. boom got another dps. Tank? Oh for crying out loud are all the tanks raiding tonight or what? I was exasperated, and grumpy (if this doesn't happen with the tank it happens with the healers when I am LFG). Then a guildy logged on who is super duper qualified for tanking a heroic.. as she had MT'ed all our raids in BC and before. Well she was rusty but not bad at all.

The shaman is way way overpowered. SICK gear and damage output. The healer seems to be ok. Tanking is good. DPS is really one sided.. the shaman is doing 60% of the damage. (I am accustomed to not winning a dps race at this point as I lack the gear for it, but this guy was unreal). In looking at him on armory, I can only assume it was his haste that did it for him. He has over 25% crit (elemental shaman) 1800 +spellpower, and 250 haste. All those together mean a beating for the mobs. ANYWAY.. Atikam is geared as always 100 steps below everyone (I have no idea where his questing gear goes.. he always is sitting at the level cap with weird gear on that doesn't help him), so he rolls on everything that he can use.. even if its not great. He ended up with some +spellpower gear that somehow was an improvement on his gear (I told you.. worst gear ever). and a spear with a crapload of stamina and a little strength. The shaman decided to be an ass and fuss about it (why? nobody else could even use it.. but whatever).. fussed about ati getting +strength, and +spellpower on his last 2 rolls. I can't account for atikam's dps, not even a little. I don't watch him, I watch ME.

My rotation was tight, I had reasonable dot uptime.. very little missed refreshes, and I was getting decent luck with everything. I wasn't at my top DPS, but its tough to do that for me as I seem to be much better at long fights and that is usually just bosses. So I just kinda limp along as well as I can, and then the bad thing happened.

He's the reason some people won't run Heroic VH. If you know the fight, he has to be moved so the orbs he spawns don't get to him or he gets massive damage buffs against your tank. Well our tank didn't know that. So we all died in try #1. Attempt 2, I screw up and the boss gets ahead of me so the orbs are coming TO me. I have to jump off the balcony to run around and get in front of the boss. (all this time missing damage, I know.. I hated that). I get there and go balls out on the guy and he dies in the beginning of his second lap on the balcony. Good... Great... awesome. Now for some unknown reason.. the stupid shaman is getting huffy about our damage output and the healer is crying too. My thought is.. I've run this 1 other time when I was the #2 dps with about 25% of total damage (tank was #1), and it was a walk. Why are you crying cuz you are WAY over the top in damage output? And why is the healer crying? Well in subsequent pulls the healer lets me die (mob of 3 and I somehow got attention). I look at that second, and see.. the tank is at full health. Why did I not get a heal? He has full mana almost... and I'm dead. I understand if you have a choice..dps or tank, dps dies.. but there was no choice. Ok so I was pissy but not too bad.. I released since I was getting no attention and the runback is super short. I get to almost the door and he gets pissy..

"Ok.. if you die.. let me rez you" - douchebag priest
"kk" - mcgoo with gritted teeth

So I am back into the fight before its even OVER. and the shaman dies.. and he rez's the guy or the guy self rez's. and is back.. In the SAME fight the shaman dies again. I am reasonably sure he was hating on my tank. Well I know this chicky as well as I can know someone that I've never seen and only rocked around with online on more than 40 occasions. She was rusty, sure.. she was boomkin for a while. but she didn't suck. The problem was he was putting out way too much threat and not holding off so the tank could get solid aggro. Period. Well he died like another 2 times and then got huffy and bailed when the dragon lady at the end of VH came out. Then our healer bolted. so now I have a tank and 2 dps against a heroic boss. So we all died.

Not before douchebag Shaman says...

"Guys the dps was terrible, you really need to pick it up a notch"
*recount report showing him doing a buttload of damage*

Had to put his 2 cents in about dps. Yes ati was way way low, but if you can raid Naxx you don't do heroics anymore ya dork. I know I wouldn't. Anyway apparently he's way too good to mess with me and my peoples again so forget him. Now I feel really crappy about subjecting my buddy the uber experienced raiding tank to a bad group. I feel really really bad. She took it to mean she was sucking, which I do not believe was the case. I feel like one of our dps (points to douchebag) was crazy, and our healer was retarded. Well that and the tank didn't know the fight against Xevozz. But c'mon from the comments on wowhead and such, wiping on Xevozz is almost commonplace to some folks.. We only wiped 1x. That's not bad for a group that "needed to pick it up a notch". I didn't /ignore the two folks I did add them as friends as I feel that grouping with douchebag would be great if we were in a raid so I could hear 20 people yell at him for causing a wipe.. The healer.. I think has ADD and was probably doing his taxes at the same time. Solid mana-pool, and good heals. Just not on me. He may have been overworked keeping the shaman alive since he was being a douche.

So tanky-lady.. I'm sorry we had such a butt-weed group since you did me a favor in tanking..

ps- douchebag Shaman.. (had to say it 1 more time)


Darraxus said...

It is general consensus that everyone should be pulling their weight in the instance. If two DPS are doing WAAAAAYYYY less than the top, that is a problem. If the DPS if getting beaten by the tank, that is also a problem. What was everyone pulling as far as DPS goes? And why would they not get mad at a hunter rolling on spell power gear and plus str gear? That is just ridiculous (I am assuming that he rolled need on the items).

Geek Gmr said...

Truth is.. the guy is way overgeared for the heroic. I can't figure what he thought he could get there aside from JUST rep. I carried my weight, and I was way way under him in damage. Atikam was under his mark on where he should be, but c'mon.. the douche was pushing out probably close to double me and like I said I have been on the top end of damage in that heroic before and it was a cakewalk.

The gear was an improvement on his situation, even if it wasn't a huge increase in his stats. Why should we DE something if someone could actually USE it? I'm not saying "GJ atikam for getting spellpower".. I'm saying, he didn't need it.. and only he/atikam could use the item anyway. It upgraded him even if it wasn't a super hunter-upgrade. The stats will help him hopefully GET that hunter upgrade.

Darraxus said...

If it is not Hunter stats, then it is not truly an upgrade. Strength doesnt help RAP and spell power doesnt help anything at all. Maybe the bit of intellect or stamina he may have gotten could do SOME good, but there are so many BOE blues and such that are made for a hunter, not to mention quest rewards. There is really no excuse IMO. I am surprised the shaman and healer made it all the way to the last boss.