Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Well its been a lifetime since I posted, and there is a lot I COULD say, and a little that I WILL say.

Lets start with status..

Mcgoo - lvl 80 (woot)
Dwarf - lvl 73 (semi woot..)
Grimrpr (my DK) - woot.. (So much fun to play his level never matters to me)

Ok lets start from the bottom shall we?

Grim.. Grim levels like a man possessed with undead powe... hm. Ok so he is a man possessed with undead power. Leveling him is a JOY. It is more of a challenge to level him (as he is my only Melee only class) than anyone else. Lately the challenge is what makes him so attractive to play, but I digress.

My most recent leveling attempts with Grim had nothing to do with XP and more to do with professions. I have gotten my first aid almost topped out (thanks to mcgoo for having a storage vault of netherweave.. woot!), and I have my skinning doing fine. Skinning really is the easiest profession, you just kill stuff and skin it. There is no "hard" part to it. This is good as THAT profession is Grim's money maker. His other profession is Inscription. Stop gasping at a guy without a mammoth vault full of gold leveling inscription! Its possible! Not really QUICKLY.. but it is possible. I have gotten it up a good deal and find that I am now looking at inscription as a serioius money maker in his arsenal. On my realm (medivh, duh) some of the silliest glyphs seem to be in short supply. I don't know if it is due to inscription folks not caring and not needing money, or if it is just my dumb luck. I had a glyph for something or other for pallies.. Pallies.. I plugged into my auctioneer addon to see what it goes for.. 20-30g.. each. Good eh? Great.. So I search to see what the market looks like.. 1 on there priced for 50g. Are you seeing why I made a lot of money last week yet? True I burned through most of my mats and all my stock of inscriptions to make it (initially I would only make one if it gave me a skill point). I priced mine at 35g and watched the gold just FALL in. I'd love to say I sold 500 of those but it was more like 10.. and keeping in mind the mats that I had used to purchase the herbs to mill.. I didn't end up with the dumptruck load of gold I wanted, but it certainly made leveling easier for a time, and made it NOT a money sink for me at this point also.

So that was working for me fine.. what else? Oh I decided my cooking skill was an abomination and I needed it maxed out for outlands so I could cook the boar meat and various other things that drop for me there. What was my cooking level? 1. Stop laughing. Seriously... stop. So I looked at my notes for Powerleveling cooking as I had in the past on mcgoo. The PROBLEM is mcgoo could dot up a group of animals with corruption and run around while they died around him and just autoloot and cook when my bags got full. Grim cannot AOE farm with this level of ease. So... I decided fishing would be good. I grabbed my rod/reel and went to a lake in goldshire and fished up my level until I was almost full in my bags.. ran to get some recipes (thanks to old buddy ati for hooking me up with some I couldn't find).. and then cooked. If you check Grim you'll see his cooking/fishing are right on pace with where they would be if I was lvl 30. So that puts me about halfway to where I want to be. I figure I'll probably not see a reason to fish after I get into outland territory as I kill SO MANY things that drop meat that cooking mats are so much easier to get in just regular activity. For now though, fishing is paying huge dividends and I'm relatively happy with it. I have considered pushing it all the way up to max.. but it just seems silly to do that as all the stuff that I would cook (in keeping with spellpower since mcgoo is my main consumer of meats) are all MEAT and not FISH. Sure there are neat things that happen there, sure. As time is my major hinderence in WoW though, and as time is the ONLY factor in fishing I don't see this being very effective. I mean unless I have all my guys where I want them in levels and gear.

sheesh this rambled on quite a bit.. stay tuned for dwarf/mcgoo's story..

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