Wednesday, February 27, 2008

PvP goodness

Well last night I was about 900 honor short of hitting 3k honor. Which was my goal.. However, I had a fun night. Why was it fun? lets see...

Firstly I got to group with a solid group of folks and we did AV (via lightqueue), and after queuing for this we would leave shatt to do some dueling.

Here's the make up all guildies
Umai- enhancement shaman, he's rediculous. He practically tanked one of the bosses in ramparts back in early 60's. He's kinda scary since shaman are cloth eaters.. and he's the best I've ever seen

Dathbre- Marksman hunter. I think thats sufficient, but for real this guy is rediculous also. He's tooled recently for what seems more like arena (scorpid? why.. oh to keep healers from drinking). He's got my LEAST liked ability in game.. silencing shot. He's the best marksman hunter I've seen, period. He's been there and done that as far as I've been told, and he's well versed in how to stay alive and kill the other guy.

Yara- Frostmage. He's my buddy IRL, and his mage is crazy. Not rediculous like umai, cause I really don't want to fight umai.. ever.. He was the least scary of the 3 though. This is in no means a statement on his skill/prowess so much as knowing a felhunter all but stops him. I tease him, but so far its accurate "felhunter=you lose".

Ok first dual was me vs yara. I won. He did what he does.. which is root me with frost (why do I care I have dots/drains to recoup that life while the felhunter irritates him and keeps him out of the frost tree). It was closer than it sounds.. cause if you fight yara... and yo uwin with like 35% of your life.. you were about 1 shot away from going down.

Then the bad news.. I had to fight umai. I had felhunter out cause I was being stubborn. I lost. Badly. I think I got him down like 1k hp.. not down TO 1k hp.. down 1k hp. humiliating and reasonably expected..

Then dathbre (still with the stupid felhunter). Basically the same fight as umai. My pet brought nothing to the table so I was basically gimped.. Yeah!! stubborn-ness! Whatever... /grumble

Then I did some shard farming off the basilisks and a wolf. THEN I pulled out my succy. Redo the fights.

Umai- I almost had him. Meaning he was down to like 2% health. My succubus was there JUST to beat on him. A misconception from succy's is that they are for seduce only. I typically don't seduce right off. Sometimes I don't do it at all.. Why? I want that as a fallback.. A reason for them to worry that my succy could pull that out if they ignored it.. and if they ignore me they might get feared. It worked well. (sidenote.. I beat him the third time.. probably luck). The strategy here is pretty sound, so its one I'll keep. If i had been equipped with more pvp goodies.. who knows.. Maybe me winning would be a standard.

Dathbre-part deux. He beat me. Pretty badly really. I consider it bad because I had no burst to knock that last 5% health off him, a problem I have is that I consistently forget to do searing pain.. a quick/dirty Direct Damage (DD) spell. Would that have turned the tide? A crit might. If I still had (sniff) shadowburn I'd have pwned him with it (I used to hit in white on shadowburn close to 2k).. keep in mind I have 200 more dmg now than I did back then.. So I'd either have won.. or gotten scary close. The way to fight a hunter is not breathtakingly new.. get in his dead zone. The pet gets curse of weakness.. and siphon life (if you have mana do corruption.. maybe a nightfall proc ya know?). This gimps the pet a bit, and regains some of your life (maybe nightfall!). Then you go nuts on him.. Fear him, dot him drain him.. basic stuff. Just stay close don't let him out to range. Hunters don't seem to remember that they can OMG kill a clothie in melee.. Maybe not a warrior in melee, but a warlock? sure. SO they will spend time running instead of fighting. The way "I" would have done it if I'd have been him, would be explosive trap, wing clip.. serpent sting at a distance then go nuts on melee (he is a good hunter, which means he kept my felarmor gone with arcane shot). Wing Clip keeps me in melee range, the trap keeps me dot'ed, along with serpent sting.. Then there's the actual MELEE dmg he can put on me. He's pretty uber when it comes to raiding, and I don't KNOW that my "go melee" idea would have worked.. but.. it surely would have gotten him more hp after the fight. I just see time running as dmg LOST.

Yara-part deux- Pretty much the same fight, except he killed the felpuppy first. fel domination popped an instant one back out in less time than his frostbolt took. Which means he got locked out of frost. Yara gets pissed when the felpuppy pwns him, but really the felpuppy is my only hope against a mage. I mean.. He can literally 2-3 shot me! I gotta keep him FROM 2-3 shotting me. LOL!

Then Umai logged off and put on his priest.
***Sidenote: Umai's main (Bellatrix), in question here. She is the best healer I've ever seen.. ever... ever ever ever..

So when it was my turn for a dual with Bella, I just wondered if it was POSSIBLE that I could kill her with all that +healing. I did. Actually it was really scary close. Like I said.. a lot of +healing. I would get her down..way down.. she'd shield then greater heal and boom.. full health. Was like fighting a pally with 2 bubble's!! Felpuppy could eat her shield sure, but she's still casting. I hadn't tried to manually spell lock, but eating buffs was good for that point. It ate her fort buff :).. If you ever get the choice.. remove fortitude. Its basically like taking a huge dmg attack on someone. She can reapply this buff.. but not with the felpuppy tryin to eat her lunch, not to mention the friendly lock draining/dotting for all he's worth. In the end I think I did more dmg to her than all my other duels combined.. but I won.. Barely.

The BG's were lame. We won a few though, so big honor!! Plus if you check armory.. The Goo-meister is now in a 3v3.. Hopefully I won't appear to be the scrub I am in arena.. :)

--sidenote: if Bella ever went shadow.. I'd be terrified. Just saying if you convert all that +healing to +dmg.. and that rediculous high mana pool.. She'd be a monster.

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