Monday, July 28, 2008


I put the title as it is to try to lure in the porn surfers.. LOL!!!

Well the dwarf is now giving dirty looks at 69 (about 5 bubbles from it). I'm happy with his progression since I started giving the game more time and less time to my dead PC(the one I like.. its still down atm).

This puts my schedule at 69 by tonight... 70 by thursday (why thursday? well I might want to get some sleep for a change..ROFL!!). I have a few quests that I HAVE to do that involve long drawn out processes. Firstly there is a quest in shadowmoon that eventually (and I mean eventually cuz this quest line goes on so long, mcgoo still hasn't finished it) grants me one of the "your toon won't get a better one till kara" upgrades.

Then there is the auchunai bracers (spelling?) that I get from doing a mana tombs run I think. After that I need to start pounding at the instance everyone hates.. dark portal (black morass for those who don't know) in the caverns of time. I will devote precisely 1 night to this endeavor of doing each. This puts me at tuesday at the earliest (of next week remember) to start pushing my druid up from 40 to 70.


Well I'm going feral cuz I'm lazy. I like doing dps, and I like tanking. At this point the gear difference is like 2 items. Do I foresee doing both in outlands? no. I plan on dps'ing my kitty heart out till I hit 70 and then running back and trying to get some "gear" if I have time (expansion remember?). Regardless my guy will be competitive to other druids. I'm not saying your T6 uber druid is a pushover and mine in green will be up there with him on damage-meters.. what I AM saying is that if you looked at my gear after we ran an instance.. you'd say "dang.. you need new gear". All the while thinking, "dang.. he did THAT ... in THOSE?". That is kinda my hallmark with all my toons. I want to surprise you with my gameplay and then shock you at my gear. I have always WANTED "kewl epix", and Mcgoo actually has a few.. but I never expected them. So I have built my guys up around "what I really want to squeeze from them" gear. With Mcgoo, pre 70, I had almost 980 +shadow dmg. Thats NON-epic, NON-70 gear. What did I loose? Well not much, since locks worry about only 2 stats before raiding.. dmg, and stamina. Most dmg gear has +stamina if its good anyway.. I had a ton of both. As a matter of fact.. even when I made some of my gear transition to epic, I actually held my greens in my bag, just due to set bonus'.. With Dwarf I want attack power and int. Why int? am I nutty? no. I concentrate on killing fast and moving on. INT has been my secondary stat I worry about but I do have a little. I have found i could probably solo ramps with a decent healer thanks to my pet's massive hp pool and dps provision.. what I couldn't do is last more than about 1 minute without going OOM unless I go into viper aspect and loose the crunchy goodness of hawk aspect (all that AP? are you kidding me?).

So the future is again getting "the look" and I groom my original main on the Medivh Server to take his proper place at the level cap..

More to come... as I hit 69 tonight.

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