Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Friggin Ogre's...

No offense to you ogre lovers.. But those butt-monkeys in BEM are way outta line. I managed to eek by them last night for the ridiculous vindicator's quests (5 ogres in a hutt, 2 norms, 2 elites.. 1 named). and I did those by.. well by thinking like a hunter.. I sent my pet in BRK mode (only he's a ravager), and marked the named.. (after kiting the 2 non elites out and killing them).. This leaves 2 elites and a named pounding on my poor ravager (EatsFaces is his name). So I laid my frost trap and multishot. Most everyone knows this is an awesome way to pull adds off of your pet and freeze trap them.. Good news is I kited them into the frost trap and ran right through them to multi/arcane/poison shot the named and kill him.. (by now ravager is charging, teeth bared at the 2 elites). I Looted him and ran. My poor ravager couldn't take the beating any of the 3 times I did this.. but FD pulled me far enough out of the hut to pop up and res him and then bandage/eat/drink to full power again.

So if you haven't done these stupid quests.. .this is the way to go if you are a hunter. As a lock I remember dotting the named and AOE fearing the others and looting and running. Curse of Exhaustion has very limited uses in PvE but running from 2 elite ogres.. its the money baby.. the MONEY.

Tonight I totally plan on polishing off 67 and driving up to 68. At this point that might be all the use dwarf gets before the expansion ( I feel it coming like a storm on the horizon), and I'm not yet ready with my 3 lvl 70's to storm into the frosty northern reaches of Azeroth.. I think my pc issues have compounded the stranglehold time has me in.. I'll keep ya posted!

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