Wednesday, July 23, 2008

*&^$!!!!!! Stupid lag!!

Well the awesome-ness that is NOT my current PC I'm playing on further gimped me last night.. It was night 3 (of real play) at level 67. I am 1.5 bars from dinging 68. Me and krinkor (god bless him for helping me, mobs have a way of just showing up and me dropping instantly to about 75% health (again.. *&^$-ing lag!!). He helped by being 2 levels lower and an atomic aggro bomb in the blades edge mountains. So nobody ever attacked me, I could just assist him.. I still put out a dumptruck load of dmg in a short time aferall. So our pairing was a huge success. Except he apparently has to begin a job hunt today, and had to sleep (pansy, j/k). Knowing I couldn't go it alone without a ton of luck I logged as well.

Since my leveling foray with my hunter/druid/pally.. I have learned that seeing the end like at 1-2 bars makes it nearly impossible for me to log. If I had my REAL computer (the one laying in defeat on the kitchen table) up and running, I'd have stayed on.. pwned BEM and rolled into shadowmoon or netherstorm. I can't complain.. Krink says he rocked out with about 100g at the end of our joint venture into BEM. I admit I'm whiney about my PC, but the biggest hurt is reconfiguring my gameplay around a ... less customized UI. I have toolbars/quickbuttons setup all over on my REAL PC (due to some awesome addon love), and have almost had to relearn how to play. Did you know Macro's were saved on your machine, not the server? Ok, big deal smart ellic.. so you knew and I never thought of it.. Man I hate it when you guys are goofin on me. Well anyway so my fubar that tells me how much money I made.. how much xp I made.. how much all my vendor crap is worth.. All gone. My bank toon has a FAT load of stuff to AH off as soon as I can get my REAL PC running. Motherboard RMA's suck.. they do. Well just trust me, ok? They suck.

Hoping to hit 68 tonight.. and maybe march midway into that level, but at the pace I'm going I won't have but 1 70 at expansion launch. Which will be depressing.

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