Thursday, July 24, 2008

ding ding ding!!! 2 levels left on dwarf!!

Well last night I finally hopped over the limbo bar to ding 68 on my dwarf hunter.. aptly named.. dwarfenstuff.

I tamed a wolf for bite 9 to give to my ravager (rema in bem in case you wondered).. which should help with some dps on his side. Not that he is at all gimped as is.. I just like to be OP all the time. Krinkor dinged 66 which made him happy.

Tonight I plan on pushing krink and myself up to deaths door questlines and then see about the gnome camp quests.. Killin stuff.. looting stuff.. setting up nets and such. Plus a FP which is the awesome. My biggest excitement comes from skinning the dragons to get nether dragon scales around there.. Thottbot says that is a decent place that they drop <70. So since me and krinkor can steamroll just about anything I imagine that'll be a big bonus for me. Don't know if I'd sell them or if I'd just hold them for possible leatherworking joy.. who knows. Personally I like drums but they've been nerfed.. and plan on being nerfed again.. so not likely that they'll matter.

Long story short.. I'm knocking on lvl 70's door. I got about 3 bubbles into 68 and feeling frisky. I should be close to 50% done with it by the time I finish the quests around the gnome encampment in BEM. So I should be close to 69 when I go into shadowmoon or netherstorm. Either way things are looking good for a meteoric rise to lvl 70. A shame that krinkor won't get there at the same time, but ati has 900 alts he's leveling all at the same time.. so who's shocked? not me.. He works even better as an aggro magnet now than before!! can't wait for 70.

Can't wait for 70. I have just enough gold to get dwarf his flying mount (if I so choose, may not just to keep gold and to get mcgoo's epic flying done faster), and "bear" his epic land mount. So things financially are solid.. not great.. but solid. I should follow more of Val's advice.. but at this point I'm just much more focused on getting multiple 70's..

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