Friday, July 18, 2008

MIA again... sorry

There has just been a slew of problems around me and WoW lately..

I've been having PC issues (first my PSU, then my mobo). So my MAIN PC is DOA until I can get my RMA from my mobo. What this means is WoW is a painful exercise.. my selling/buying at the AH has STOPPED (too many addons.. slows my dinosaur standby PC to a crawl).

Dwarfenstuff dinged 67 after my night o adventure running almost all the remaining nagrand q's. His next place to go is BEM mostly for some decent quest rewards and possible upgrades. Then its off to netherstorm. I'm way behind in leveling and zones.. For highest XP/hr you really have to be in a zone that is at or above you (if of course, you can be effective as a player there, which I am). Nagrand has SOME mobs at my level but they really aren't a challenge now so moving on is way past due. Ati's warrior hasn't moved nearly as fast he's just recently dinged 65 or so, which is good since I've been of NO real help at all lately.

Then there was the patch I was waiting for... Now we're running our "almost 30's" through SM for xp (I mean really am I alone to think thats nuts to allow a 20 into SM?). So I've pushed him through 1.5 cathedral runs, 2 library runs, 1 armory run. I think he's out or almost out of rested which makes it kinda slow at that point but he still levels a full level each run (just about). I may beg/whine/cry for my pally at 28 (or is it 27?) to get a SM armory/cath run. I'll be good, I promise!! I've actually been terrible at running him through here cuz I have um... well my PC is garbage that I play on now. So he's died a few times.. which is regrettable since he's the one that can rez.. not me (pally).

Druid (BigScryBear) got his mount. Spotted nightsaber or something or other. I have a snow leopard mount is what I call it. (Is this new? I dont' remember seeing these before)

Nobody else has done a DARN thing (with me only on for about 30-40 mins a night due to fighting with my good PC to try to get anything to do anything on it...

That... and I bought a wii... LMAO!!!
wii rules..

Should have my mobo and be back into some better stuff by middle of next week maybe week after. So my updates will probably be lame.

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