Monday, July 28, 2008

Being sorry... and meaning it

I was questing in the BEM zone a few days ago..

There were 2 of us after the same mobs (some buggy like folks.. like flayers or something..) and a druid and I were doing what I call leapfrogging (you take one then I take one.. ) ungrouped of course..

When I screwed up. I multishot and hit his mob as he was charging in.. I got credit for both his kill and mine. Here is a transcript..

me - "OMG, dude did you get credit?"
him - "no"
me - "dude.. I'm so sorry, my bad "
him - "hey thanks man but its no big deal "

Why does this stand out? First, 6g for 1 mob? are you freakin kidding me? Truth be told I was feeling bad.. I've been on my "last XYZ mob" before and had some butt-munch come steal the credit. There are plenty of these flayers around here but just doing that burned me up (at myself) so I thought some recompense was worth it. He was thankful for the apology and offer of gold, but we left it there.

It felt GOOD to actually give a reasonable apology for stealing a mob.. hopefully karma will smack those jerks that always steal my mobs...

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