Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Druid pounding up the levels

ZOMG.. With real life kicking me in the head daily I have neglected my loyal readers!!

Well enough bs.. what is up? Let me TELL you.

With my hunter now lvl 70 and being moderately effective in all things, I started pounding my druid up in levels..

Initially I wanted to finish the Nessingwary q's in STV. I did. Then I marched my bear-hiney (get it.. bear, not bare?.. oh bite me it was funny) up to Hinterlands.. with a pit stop in Guild chat to say...

"Um.. its been like a year or so since I had to FIND the Hinterlands... anyone know where it is?"
Quickly answered by my astute friends in my guild by..
"map.. North East of your location"
Very nice.. well at least people with excessive sarcasm group together eh? so I followed up..
"great.. thanks now that I can read the map.. is there a path.. THROUGH the mountains?"

Ok so NOW I get the sensical answer of where the path (if you haven't discovered all of southshore you're SOL cause I would never have found it otherwise) was located.

Get there and bring in my good buddy Ati's druid. So we start stomping through everything.. doing things like taking out a group of 5 47's at lvl 43/41 (Myself and him). So to me, I thought we were doing GREAT. Then we hit what is known as a concrete wall.

We did all the quests we could do due to our level in Hinterlands... So.... now what?

Well we logged in frustration and came back last night where we lept down to Tanaris for a bunch of q's I had stored since around 40. We collected them all and then started doing the dance of crazy druids. Pounding all of those out.. or close to all of them.

So progress is good.. I'm at 44 and about 1/3 of the way into it. Just got my First aid leveled to mageweave (not heavy just yet)..

Now for the bad news..

My good buddy Ati may be taking a hiatus.. having a real life seems to get in the way of WoW? Glad I don't have one... (or much of one..) So my relentless drive to 70 on the druid will most likely be a solo one for the foreseeable future. Ya know... I don't really think WoW is that great a game. I certainly have other games I prefer.. its the SOCIAL aspect of it. Reading other ppl's conversation in guild chat.. or local chat.. running around meeting people and questing.. and so on.. its just very interesting to me. THAT is the part of the game that is compelling. Sure I like that I have reached some milestone of success in the game (to me having a lvl 70 is some success, and mcgoo is pretty decent.. not to mention having 2).. but again its the SOCIAL nature of it.. I mean if you want to run out and quest all the time and grind on mobs for money.. I mean.. you can get a older non-online RPG and do that till your nose bleeds.

So on top of my "Woot!! level 44!!! WOO HOO".. I am adding this.. Please try to branch out a bit and meet new folks on your server around your level. I know of a lot of people and remember friends from other guilds.. and groups.. Unfortunately they don't share my passion for leveling alts up so I have a selection of people to play with at the level cap for raiding/instances.. what not...

Not sure what I'll do without my home-boy to talk to when I level.. this just in.. guild chat becomes spammed by a lowbie druid.. ROFL!! beware guild... BEWARE!

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