Friday, August 29, 2008

Strat.. and EPIC FAIL

Ok so we stomped through scholo like it was a joke (it kinda was, actually)..

Our group was bound for Strat. Nobody had been there before so it was bound to be fubar from the word GO. Yara had scouted it, and there are some disease givers that reduce your healing by 100%. To a mage this is not a big deal.. to an affy lock, this is terrible (explanation at the bottom). So we fumble looking for a dispeller to take that off of us. We got one!! YEAH!!

So we were...
  1. 70 frost mage (epic'd out, scarry powerful)
  2. 70 BM hunter (epic'd out, scarry powerful)
  3. 64 BM hunter (along for the ride, but always helpful to have a spare hunter)
  4. 70 Elem Shaman (ok so not a dedicated healer, but what's wrong wit a little dps?)
  5. Some gnome that calls himself Mcgoo..
So we stomp through EPL to get to Strat. Suddenly.. my lag spikes. Like it was 140 (not terrible) and then hit 4k. So everything got jacked up. I got booted. Came back in... lag is normal.. then BOOM.. back to 4k. OK so now I'm ticked.. wth is going on here? shut down wow completely.. Windows is updating to SP3.. son of a vocational school drop out monkey.. OK so how long could this possibly take?

Try over an hour and a half. SO when I got back in not only were they DONE, they were all logged but 1 and they asked me wth, so I told them. I promised I was going to unleash hell on strat tomorrow, I promise!

Now its Thursday night... I log on late (bah, real life.. always getting in the way of zombie killing), and I find only 1 person on. We immediately push to Lights hope to wait for others. I throw it out in general chat, "lfm strat, pst".. A pally (61) answers the call. SWEET. Most people resent pallies.. I personally think they rock. He was a tankadin so not ideal, good news is he could prolly take a beating better than me.

So we get in.. and we're immediately lost. Trying to find "the key guy" so I can have a key too. We wonder aimlessly until Yara comes on and we start moving with some speed. We make it all the way through to baron and he was a chump.. Got nothing good as drops.. but we got so many friggin blue boe drops it was SICK. Lots of gear that was designed to be super leet before TBC, which is all but DE fodder now.. Was hoping for Baron's horse, but alas.. no luck. I hit honored and now have some of the mats necessary for my attunement.. I may log on briefly tonight to purchase it.


Anonymous said...

LOL Yah those old 60s instances were huge and confusing, but it's fun to go through as 70 with a friend or two and farm it just to learn it.

I have a question re: your guild - as a casual raiding guild that doesn't require people to raid on a regular schedule, do you find your guild also has a lot of immature members in it? The ones who are overly loud on Vent, go too crazy over loot and get into ego battles or spam wars in chat?

That's the main thing that keeps me out of raiding guilds, other than the commitment to having to raid on a regular schedule (and the whole "thou must not raid with any other guild" thing when I have so may alts)

WoWGrrl's player blog

Geek Gmr said...

a lot of immature members in it?
A- No. Most of the folks in my guild are top notch people that honestly I could hang out with in person and never bat an eyelash. A guy got married in NH and actually invited me (I'm in IN!). That is just the level of coolness the group has. Do we rant/rave? sure. As you can read.. I do that all the time. I wouldn't call it immature so much as accent marks for the environment as a whole.

There has been ego battles, but the problem is some of our guys really ARE the best. Its remarkably impossible to not develop SOME ego if you are that uber. And they have never cared about raiding with other guilds, by the way.