Monday, August 4, 2008

Ding!! 70! (for real)

Wow.. so I finally hit 70 last night a full night behind schedule. I only needed from my reserve funds about 140g to get my flying mount/training.. So I did.

Did my pre-req's for skyguard dailies in terrokar.. also did a battleground.. I came in like 5 in overall dmg (remember, no pvp gear.. I'm in mostly questing greens). I WON.. (if by winning you mean I died the most of all the alliance in this particular EOTS).

Tonight it will be dailies for Mcgoo and Dwarf... so that I will have plenty of gold for my up and coming druid to get his epic ground mount and any training he wants.

(YEAH!!! DWARF IS 70!!! YEAH!!!.. a full month behind my original deadline..)

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Elodim said...

Grats! Thanks for the lengthy comment ;) I agree with many of the things you said, but that fence you speak of is a fine line! I wish I had as many toons and as much time as I need to please everyone! Good luck with the hunter :)