Monday, August 18, 2008


Well I was looking for things to do on my pally and found that he had 3 quests in the stockade. Stockade? at 29? sure why not..

So I popped into LFG and quickly found 3 other 29's wanting to go in (apparently I'm not the only bonehead). The druid dropped out at the last second (who knows why).. So we went in as..

29 Ret Pally (me)
29 Prot Pally
29 warlock with VW

This made things really easy. We pulled a whole room at a time and in a few instances it turned into 2 rooms. I was SS'd so I took that to mean I get to heal... YEAH FOR NO MANA!! oh wait.. no that sucks. So I popped heals on them as best I could. For the first several pulls I didn't do DPS (squeemish much?). The tank told me to get into it.. so I did. AND HOW! I popped up righteous fury (keeps em off my locky friend with his shadowbolts). Typically one of us would judge crusader.. the other would judge Justice. So no runners (usually), and all the dmg you could ask for.

Dinged 30 after I got done with all that non-sense and flew to.. I think southshore to start questing there after a few days of rest. Also note.. I now have a new aura!! Sanctity aura. So in the future a duel pally situation can have me with imp sanctity aura (cuz I helps ppl) and him with ret aura. Should be time for HOLY DAMAGE BATMAN!! ok so that was a little weak, but I think it holds as a good pun. Also got the "take one for the team" ability (divine intervention), not that I see myself using it anytime soon (I prefer not to wipe at all). All will be seen in the future though kiddies.. so stay tuned!


Elodim said...

"I was SS'd so I took that to mean I get to heal..."

Woah now there, that's a leap! ;) personally I always prefer to SS a dps class that can rez like a ret pally or a shadow priest... forget those shamans, they can take care of themselves. Really though, all it means is you get to pull threat and not have to worry about it because you can pop right back up! =D

Geek Gmr said...

Sorry old habits.. as I always SS healers/rezzers.

Well at any rate I did healing as I was a better choice than the tanking pally or the warlock, LMAO!!