Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What's that? Naxx? oh HECK yes..

Sitting at my PC, and my buddy pops me a note saying..

"Did you hear about us trying to get a group for Naxx?"

This is a single sentence that stopped my whole night. I have always wanted to raid Naxx especially before its retooled as a lvl 80 instance in Northrend. Well also the prospect (all be it slight) that I COULD get the staff of Medivh. The only Caster legendary weapon that I know of. Not to mention, I'm in a guild called.. "The ORDER of Medivh". I just think it'd be fitting for me to have one.. well not fitting there are certainly more qualified raiders who would deserve such a legendary weapon.. but still. I wanted to go there and see what this place has, and experience it while I am technically overpowered for it.. unlike in the expansion when I will most likely be on the shallow end of the gear pool.

So quick reading of our forum, and lo and behold.. we ARE trying to go there! So I quickly give them my "I will be there, please dear lord let me go!"... only in a cooler tone. Well I hoped.. So I made my druid sleep a bit longer in the inn and I dusted Mcgoo off for a tromp through the plaguelands..

Last night we stomped all over Scholo.. I mean ALL over scholo. The kills and badges got me sufficient rep to get me about 2-3 bars from Honored. Honored, by the way, is the minimum to do the attunement to even get IN to Naxx. If you are Exalted with Argent Dawn you go in for free, otherwise.. you gotta pay. Things that aren't that hard to come by now.. but I'm sure they were hard to get to originally. I have the disposable funds to get attuned even at just honored so I see no real reason to push beyond that anymore.

Well last night it was scholo... tonight.. Strat. Our group? BM hunter (mostly in S1 epics), frost/arcane mage (FULL pvp mojo), and me (mixmatched epics from S1 and raiding, affliction build). Notice we have no healer? I would prefer one honestly, but Que sera sera.. We had 2 deaths in Scholo.. and those had to deal with us being kinda vein and trying to do AOE fest on 60 elites.. which takes 2-3 aoe cycles to bomb. I never died. Mostly cause I am awesome like that.. or maybe cause I was so undergeared/outclassed that I didnt' top dmg... ever.. ever ever. So I was either really rusty or they really outgeared/played me. Any of these could be the answer but it stung, since I wasn't SL/SL I didn't have that to fall back on.

So I'll be pushing hard in Strat.. since it is loaded with undead I'm thinking my "OS" button (fear) will be worthless. Ah well.. I'm going to take care of this rep issue so I can go on Saturday to Naxx..

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