Monday, August 18, 2008

Loosing focus..

Well I'd love to update everyone and say.. "druid now at 47!".. But I can't.

Or even "druid now at 46!".. but a big negatory there too.

So. What HAVE I been doing? I ran out of rested on my druid and then got BORED. I leveled my shaman up and got water totem abilities (mmm healing stream). Then I got bored with him, so I leveled my pally up to 30 (almost 31!!) and got his mount (woot!).

Why you're asking? Why would I start horsing around on alts now?

Focus. The social aspect of the game being tantamount to me rather than the actual GAME itself.. I find that without a leveling buddy, things aren't nearly as much fun. I will return to my druid tonight, unless I get a buddy to run my pally through SM for some gear upgrades in later levels.. Who knows.

Druid is sitting in Tanaris waiting on more stuff to kill. With any luck at all he will have sufficient rested bonus to get him up a level tonight and maybe get into the next one a bit. I may do some dailies-days for when this happens again. I seem to burn rested REALLY fast solo, not so much in group.

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