Friday, August 15, 2008


Well last night I got griefed..

.. and then turned the table on the little fella!

Ok well as you'll see in my post after this, last night was ati's last night for... well for a while. So I told him, his last night.. whatever he wanted to do we'd make that happen. He wanted to level his pally.. in duskwood. Sounds good to me, but then I let him choose which toon I would be. He chose my recent 70, dwarfenstuff. Sounds good.. pallies have movement issues, so having pack aspect will help with travel.. DOH.. he has a mount now.. nvm. So I don't know why the hunter was preferrable.

So I was killing everything in the cemetary, and some rogue for no explicable reason said...


Well I'm not a "nub", so it didn't bother me but I caught on he wanted to bait me.. I can type at like 50 words a minute so I went round and round with him.

"Why am I a nub" - me
"70 and in all greens, nub" - him
"yeah I'm mostly in greens atm.." - me
"yeah you nub all greens, my hunter [made up guy on another server] could 1 shot you" - him
"yeah look him up {explicative deleted}.." - him
(first just know I didnt' look him up.. I can easily name off 10 guys in the top raiding guild and SAY they are mine.. they aren't.. but who can prove this?)
"convenient they are on another server, huh?" - me

It went on and on... and then on some more. I referred to him as "little boy" and "junior" almost constantly. I went as far as to accuse him of making up his toons who are "so much better" than my 70. He continued.. this lasted like 20 minutes.. maybe longer. So he kept on saying how lame my 70 was compared to his. I didn't report him. I won't. It was an entertainment to me that someone would try to be such a troll.

In the end he did a mass spam of
"NUB" about 200 times. Which made me laugh again.. cuz, I didn't need to talk to ati.. I was killing he was looting.. that was our makeup. I made sure I didn't runoff from him and kept him alive, so there was nothing to say till Questhelper told me he was done. So he disrupted no communication (his hope), and he made me laugh when he wanted to make me mad.

Griefing.. Well personally I don't do it. If you REALLY know how to play, you just do and others opinions of you don't really matter. I know what I'm doing.. Am I the best? well you can check and see I'm not in SWP gear.. so I could not be the best. I will chance to say that I'm good. I have almost NEVER lost a duel be it with a same level or higher level character. Nobody has ever pwned me in a bg 1:1 (with mcgoo.. dwarf was a twink, so thats really kinda mean since I used to take on 3-4 guys solo and kill them all). Could someone? possibly. Like I said I 'm not in the best of the best.. I'm in some good gear, I'm not denying it.. but nowhere near sunwell or brutal gladiator.

So this guy had an epic fail as a 25 rogue. Epic. he talked trash (when it meant nothing to do so), then when I wouldn't stop talking with him (Not harrassing.. just challenging his points and his integrity) he ignored me. Yeah.. a griefer who no doubt wanted to have me /ignore him.. now has me on /ignore. EPIC... FAIL...

Lets look into this.. firstly.. my guy just hit 70 and did 1 round of dailies, followed by 1 pvp match (EOTS, which I won and placed 5th in total dmg 3rd in HK's.. in greens/blues). So he's not epic. Not even close. He's there to go to 80 though when WotLK pops, and do dailies when my druid hits 70. So he was kinda weak for a 70. No epics... I could buy a few.. but why? again he can move from 70-72 in this gear easy and then get questing upgrades to get better so why drop big gold on it?

Lets see some points as to why this guy was cracked..

  • no epics = nub..
    • Not possible, as not everyone has hit 70 since the 3rd day of TBC.. so he's cracked
  • my 70's are better than yours!
    1. first.. he could be making this up.

    2. second he could have bought his...

    3. third.. could be his dad's or brother's..
Honestly.. I think this guy was a kid being a kid. The whole "mine is better than yours" thing..kinda tired. And since it was unprovoked, obviously just a troll. I consider this a victory.. I didn't let it bother me at all. We did dabble in some name calling (well I'm no saint.. c'mon..) and some yo' mama issues.. But in the end we were merely discussing his legitimacy that he could evaluate MY gear as a 25 rogue (as that was the only toon I could prove he had). He gave up.. and I'm on ignore. If anyone wants his name so you can tell him what a dork he is.. let me know. If he wanted help he just had to ask.. if I killed a mob he wanted, he just needed to say so. Griefing accomplishes nothing. And in his case he lost a guy who would have helped him out if he wasn't a jerk.



Val said...

I was doing the UBRS key chain quest and had to down an Elite 62/63 dragon in Dustwallow recently and seemed to have pissed off some other mage from some raiding guild because I was there, and I killed the dragon a couple of times just as he arrived, looking to do the same.

He called me a faggot, but all I had to do to shut him up was say:

"At least I can solo this guy, didn't need to bring 2 guildmates..."

I generally don't even respond to 'em, just stick them on Ignore because they're not worth my time.

Every once in a while I go through my ignore list and clear it out.

No use reporting those guys, because the GM's don't care that people are being asses. They're not there to deal with "social issues", just technological ones.

Remind yourself, the kid has no control of his own life and constantly gets bossed around, so he's attempting to be a bully to make himself feel better.

Thinking that, I tend to wander to the thought of "there are so many lives I could live, I'm glad I'm not living his!", and it's really easy to walk away from that point ;)

Great to hear from you again :) I'm slow at responding generally but I do like to hear from you :) :)

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Geek Gmr said...

Totally follow you there.. I mean like I said.. if I stole his mob while helping a buddy.. All he had to do is alert me to it and then I group with him and my buddy and we burn down the whole place.

I think I took excessive joy from the fact that he put ME on ignore. Its a warm feeling to know I pulled a 180 on someone trying to upset me in some way. I guess I could've been reported.. but I doubt they ban for that anyway..

Nice hearing from you too, val!