Tuesday, November 6, 2007

60-69 WSG

Firstly, I'm really REALLY new to this bracket, but seriously... When did all the horde stop doing PvP? If you are on my server or in my battlegroup, then you know how odd this really is. 60-69 WSG hordies are like 20-29 alliance guys.. nearly retarded and all running around trying to do 1:1 and no group cohesion.

Although I was really grateful to smoke some horde, when last time I went PvP at 60, in alterac valley, there were a ton of morons trying to solo 4-5 horde at a time. I'm no coward, but a clothie versus 5 horde guys is going to die. Unless the 5 guys who had more sense than you and are in a group, are all messed up or having keyboard/mouse issues. We got smoked... A lot.

Then I go into this bracket for WSG (never did 60 wsg..) and we just rolled these guys. All the alliance guys stayed in 3's for the most part, and I was in a mini group of friends (65 lock, 67 frost mage, 66 shaman).. Personally we stomped them. I had the top in HK's and #3 in total damage. I didn't see a mis-shaped field either. Everyone I saw was my level or higher. Mostly 69's to be honest. I thought this resilience thing would really play a bigger part in how PvP was going to be done post 60. Now I want to PvP all the time. Winning is something I really enjoy, duh...

Now I'm going to push to 70 with total disregard to the fact that at 70 I'll be up against ppl in their Tier6 who are going to put such a hurting on this little gnome. I doubt I'll ever get that far along until there are lvl 80 folks who want to jump into these instances and see how far they can pull a lvl 70ish gnome lock.

A ssecret to my success in this particular run into WSG was the healers bane.. Unstable Affliction. You can't remove it without being hurt pretty good, and its NEVER the only dot on you (if you saw a guy named Mcgoo run by you, anyway). I was ignored on the field a LOT, which helped. Since I'm affliction, I am a slow damage dealer.. I have enough juice into destruction that I can pop out some damage if need be.. But it would shoot my proverbial wad of mana and leave me standing there with an imp and a glowing stick.. trying to squeeze juice from the little imp and lifetap. I have emotional issues about using lifetap when a Tauren guy with a HUGE flaming axe is running at me, I consider lifetap a last resort in PvP. The only occasions I have known this to not be the case is when I have a druid at my back and I get HoT'd out my wazoo.. which usually means unending mana for Mcgoo. Which in turn means when I die, I'll have either 3 rogues standing over me, right before THEY die.. or a field of bodies. I'm pretty persistant, and just like with Dwarf.. if you ignore me.. you'll die.

Back to UA, and why Affliction is king in PvP... Well there were these 2 blood elf pallies see.. and an undead priest. The priest, pretty much has to pray that he can keep his heals up to live through my DOT's or he's gotta go kamakazi on someone. Either way, he's not a threat on a big scale. Pallies and rogues are the only classes that can ditch UA without getting a smackdown. Pallies bubble removes it without damage, and rogues just suck in general and blizzard gave them an out so they wouldn't cry (just kidding). Anyway, there is this buff marker or whatever you call it after a pally does a bubble. I looked for this and dropped UA on them. Basically their bubble, their defense to this, was on cooldown and I was going to rape them for this. You heard right folks a nobody-knownothing 65 lock schooled 2 49 pallies. This to me meant I must rule the world.. in reality it was just that I was paying attention and I had the skills to take them out of the game.

One pally tried to flash heal himself out of oblivion. This is a smart move, but not when I'm still watching.. I drained his mana and then /laughed at him. When he was in range to do some melee damage, nightfall proc'd. So night night, pally1.

Pally2, on the other hand did a unofficial berzerker rage and rush for me. I don't know if pally's can ditch fear.. but he didn't. So while he's running (I did take some damage, which when a big 2h hits cloth armor it means gnomes take damage).. I drained his life.. then his mana, for good measure.

I don't play a pally above 13 or so, so I'm no the end/all be/all with them... I will say this. I have been hocking some plate that I am cursed to get that is +stam/+int.. why are you pallies not BUYING THIS! Its a known exploit of pallies/shaman.. When your blue bar is gone, usually you die. So make your blue bar a bit bigger.. PLUS I never EVER saw these pallies have an int buff from a mage (poor teamwork).

I run with a mage so I almost always have brilliance or intellect buffed. My favorite is when my buddy buffs my imp (Im affliction and it takes an almost all caster enemy to get me to NOT use my imp).. Any good Affy lock knows this means I have even MORE mana to dark pact away from the little booger. Dark Pact = Love. Thats how that breaks down people.

As I am 65, I have 5 points left for talents. I really think they are going to go to my Imp, and my healthstone. Just figuring that since I use my imp exclusively in instances, and I'm basically a healthstone vending machine, that these would be logical places to put my points. Just checked improved imp as a talent, affects my bloodpact by upping the stamina I get from my bouncy friend to 80-ish. That's right sports fans, 80 stamina that isn't gear dependent! When I get that stuff together I should be pretty versatile for both battlegrounds/arenas as well as raiding.. Guess we'll see

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