Friday, November 9, 2007

Grouping into Underbog (take 1)

Ok so while I was running around killing things in Nagrand a guildy (whom I did not know personally or in WoW) hit me up for a Mana Tombs run.

I've done MT before, and it was just garbage. Cost me 5g to get repaired cause we wiped like a bad case of the runs. Anyway, since then I've been eager to get back in there and really try to do some good. Plus I wanna kill that boss..

Ok, back to the story.. So he invites me to a group and this group is just flip flopping people leaving, joining.. leaving/joining.. Till finally we're in. WAIT A SECOND, I get summoned to Underbog? Well its a new one for me, so why not.. Everything goes well (I was so far on top of the damage charts its silly to even mention, yeah me!). He makes some kinda rookie mistakes, and handles himself in a "not so good" fashion. But that's ok, I mean.. When have I been known to ever be 100% on anything? So then our tank has to dash, his job called him in so he says. (see note). I said.. (notice the quotes) "I know of no one on that can tank for us, do you guys?" followed in 3 minutes by "Well guys with no tank this concludes our night, have fun". Then I hearthed. I wasn't happy, cause really.. I was doing well. Saving the group here and there, and just annihilating everyone with my damage. So I'm standing in Nagrand now, and the guildy jumps me about "wth man? I thought you were into helping guildy's" It set poorly with me, I don't know if its "maturity" or just being old and cantankerous. So I ran the whole thing by another guildy who is a real life friend. He told me to just brush it off.. I checked and this guy is his main, so its likely he's new to the experience of grouping, and guild grouping.

Karma1: I joined for Mana Tombs... Not underbog (truth is I would've done underbog, but I resent being lied to)

Karma2: If we had been at work and he had done this kinda bull, it'd be cited as "Unprofessional". We weren't at work, but still don't be a hose brain.

Karma3: He jumped MY stuff for leaving when no one had a tank. I had other stuff I could be doing beside dancing in underbog.

Apparently he had just GOT a tank, and quickly made amends about jumping me for leaving. So I'm letting this one go. As a side note, I probably will never run with this guy again, unless it is just out of painful necessity. I can't say anything specific, cause I don't want to name names or point fingers.. But he conducted himself in a way that made things "less fun" for me in the group. Ergo, I'll not group with him again. No hard feelings, I'm sure in 3 months he'll be raiding Kara or something.. but not with me.

Some WoW players are actually so retarded that they thing REAL LIFE should come second to the GAME. These people should immediately commit suicide. My kids/wife/house/job/school all rank higher than this game, and they SHOULD. If any of the aforementioned higher rated issues require me, I'm logging off. If you have these things and maybe they don't love/need you, or maybe you just don't love/need them.. I pity you. Don't dog those of us who have a life outside of WoW, it just makes you seem pathetic.

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