Friday, November 2, 2007

Farming Cloth

My friend from the blogosphere has already given her take on it, however she's not a warlock, and she's not alliance. So here's my take on it, being both.

The Linen capital for alliance is the Deadmines. Its easy to get to, easy to run through. Its all good things. PLUS, you might make a few gold by running folks through (just make sure they know you get the linen). Deadmines is really straightforward. I usually would run/dot/hellfire when I got a big enough crowd. You can, of course run through 1 at a time. SPECIAL HINT: Most locks don't use fear in instances cause it "brings back friends". Use it here. howl of terror pays off good when you get a ton of folks as it 1) gives the dots a few more secs to kill them and 2) might have them bring back friends.

Wool is the Stockade, and the stockades are wool. This is an easy farming place. I'd send in the VW to each room and do an AoE taunt just to pull. He can take the damage anyway, and then do some siphon life, and run into the VW, and do hellfire. This will kill everyone if you have enough +damage. The most I've been able to handle at 64 was 10 guys at once. I'm not "great geared" or anything either, so don't assume I'd blow you away.

Scarlet Monastary. Go there, run any part you want. The armory was good for me but so was the cathedral. At 65 these guys sting a bit if you get 5-8 of them on you, so for the purposes of armor repair bills, be careful. Otherwise you might as well buy it in the AH for your 5-8g repair bill. Use the VW that is why he is there! and let them run. Runners mean you don't have to wander around looking for people to gather, they'll come to you. Same theory as Deadmines..

Hinterlands - Specifically Jinth'Alor. This place is CROWDED with folks so be careful. They are mostly 45+ elites from my run there this weekend. While they aren't a collossal powerhouse, some do really put the beat down on you, and there are some ranged folks (mages/hunter types) that will smack you from a distance. My suggestion here is same as before, use the VW. Get 3-4 folks grouped, dot them up like nuts, lifetap.. Drain Life to get full stats.. then if you feel like it rain of fire. (This is a circumstance I dont' advise hellfire. There are nooks here that can conceal folks and you might pull 3-4 more guys at once. Remembering that they are elites, its better to not get hit than to get hit. At 60+ I doubt they'd kill you, but if you get enough on you its a possibility you may have to deal with)

The good folks of the Scarlet Crusade have been good to us in the past, and still are. Head to Western Plague Lands (WPL). From there head up to Hearthglen. There is a ton of these folks standing around looking dumb, so you can take them 1 group at a time (groups are non elites that I saw, and about 3-4 in a group). Once at hearthglenn, be careful. A runner can pull back 9 guys, again at 60+, this probably won't kill you.. but why pay repair bills?

I'm not at a level where I can farm this place alone. However, the Hellfire Ramparts is where I go to get this. I am a huge fan of NOT getting into groups to farm. I actually almost refuse to. So any other ideas? SURE! All around hellfire citadel is about a million orcs. They can be elites in some places and remember your quests to know how to avoid the guys that will smack you too hard. I really like farming those guys, but the hard/fast truth is.. Instances typiaclly get better drops. So while doing it for JUST netherweave is a bonehead move, if you are 70 you might get in a group to run through here by just saying.. I'll go with, but I want the netherweave. I don't know the success of this, but I do know that I never sold any of my netherweave and the extremely painful rep grind with Honor Hold (HH), almost requires you to farm these places. So I have just goo-gaas of this stuff sitting in my tailor's bank.

Finally, keep an eye out in the Auction House. Weigh out your time, if its worth it to you to run to Jinth'Alor for 40 mageweave, go. Now if you just need 40, honestly.. you will probably do better to just buy it at the AH. Sometimes folks are pricing things to MOVE, and don't care that they are way below market. Also, try putting your query in the TRADE channel. If you need 100 mageweave, put it out there and see what the person comes back with. Remember not everything in the game is about gold, so they might need pots (if you're an alchemist). This is a social game, and while the full Tier6 guys don't really need your 5 bars of fel iron, it may be worth it for them as they aren't using what YOU want, and you won't sell what YOU have either..

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