Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Epic Mount, oh yeah..

Well last night I had planned on a group to get through Scholomance. Well, at least to the alchemy lab.. Anyway, so I logged on and only one of my buddies was there. So I, reluctantly, put it out in guild chat "any1 wanna go through scholo, to the alchemy lab?". Remember, I'm "new around these parts" for this guild. Most of them are so uber, I don't even understand it.. Nevertheless, before I could count to 10, I had the guild's primary tank, primary healer, a lock who is way uber also, and a druid healer (who spent her time in cat form helping out with dps).

Basically I hosed my buddy. He understood, but I still felt bad. Honestly though, what an experience! To say these guys just straight up wtfpwned this instance would be an understatement. They were unbelievable. We rolled through the mobs so fast I barely had a chance to cast an instant dot on anyone. All in all, scholo lasted.. roughly.. 15 minutes. Tops.

Dig this though.. THEN the lock is so cool, he says to me "DM is next right? wanna go there?".. This would CONCLUDE my mount quest. I don't know that I'm crazy enough to turn down the freakin superfriends in the guild to try to find a PUG to get in later. So of course I ran to BFE where the quest guy is to turn in this part and get the next, and final leg of the quest. The MT, and the healer druid dropped out. So my buddy Yara got on (68 frost mage, atm), and then we got a rogue from the guild (also 70, apparently ALSO a superfriend). And we stormed through DM west. Now when I say we stormed through.. I mean I LITERALLY had to pull with drain soul to get a shard from the mobs. The damage was of the charts, and thats no understatement. So without a tank we steamrolled DM west. Being new to the instance I tried to put a curse on the mobs and then drain soul (for the lodestone to keep the crap moving in the ritual I needed to get my mount). If the lock was doing a fire spell, I put curse of elements, if he was doing shadowbolt, the mob got curse of shadows.

The fight to GET the freakin mount was insane. Not HARD, but insane. I think pre burning crusade it took a bonfide group of bad mofo's to pull this off. Me and the other lock enslaved big felguards and had them run around smacking people. Imps, imps everywhere.. there were 30-40 of those dudes.. I did Rain of Fire as I was just tryin to help while watching the doohickeys to make sure they kept going. This was no small feat, as there was so much craziness on this altar that I could just barely see anything specific about the nodes at all. The Felguards are really what helped out, I think anyway. If we had had a 70 demon lock with us their felguard would've been more powerful.. but really, who cares about THOSE guys.. (j/k demo locks). Anyway so at any time the other lock is droppin dots and shadow bolting.. while also keeping up doohickeys with me. He was such an uber lock too.. I mean, I consider myself good, or I DID until I saw this guy. Its obvious that experience raiding pre/post burning crusade has made him just supremely knowledgeable about what he's doin, and how he's doin it. I on the other hand am just not that serious. In the end we smoked the mount and the stupid demon guy that follows after it.

Victory lap of Shattrath on my new epic mount. Yeah, okay.. so I was the only guy in Shatt that had JUST got their epic and was >64.. I still felt like a bad mofo though..

Now for the flying mount.. argh!

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