Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Large Prismatic Tard

Well the only things left to do to Dwarfenstuff to put him up to real uber-twinky-ness is his weapon enchants (and something called nethercleft let armor?), and the +150 health to chest. Then if I just want to obsess I could get a libram for his head, and if I get just really nutty.. A hurricane/precisely calibrated boomstick.

I am going for extra twinky-ness and getting Greater Agility Enchants on each of my 1h axes. The mats for this is beyond all belief extensive. Well they are for me anyway.. here's the list
  1. 8 Arcane dust (currently I have 37)
  2. 4 Greater Planar Essences ( I have 6)
  3. 6 Large Prismatic Shards (ouch it hurts, but i have 5)
  4. 2 Primal Air (I have 3.5)
So you can tell I am 1 Large Prismatic shard away from cranking out even more agility for my hunter. I need more Greater Planar Essences and a little bit more fun in Nagrand should reap me the remainder of my primal air. As usual, shards are my major pain. To me, everything green that I get is a potential payday from the AH. Some weapons sell better than others, just like some armor sells better than others. Lately I have been putting up an auction for my "less desirable" weps/armor for 24hrs on the weekend, and if it doesn't sell its off to my buddy the enchanter. So far its gotten me a crapload of arcane dust (good, I'll need it later for tailoring), and about 2 greater planars. Never a shard. I realize shards are usually from BLUE items, and I would sooner run Mcgoo naked through ramparts than have a blue DE'd instead of sold for the (incredibly overpriced) outland norm. So, I end up trolling the AH looking for people who are "pricing to move" their shards. Now as a non-enchanter, this seems dumb on their part, but I love them for it anyway.

I may push another 20g over to dwarfenstuff and let him get one of his weapons enchanted. I'm not sure I can wait till I have enough mats for both!! I have always been a force to deal with on the battlegrounds and in duels. Since I basically ramped up dwarf's stamina and agility to the max, shedding almost all other stats.. I have noticed that I:
  1. stay alive longer
  2. do a LOT more damage
I am hoping there isn't a wall of diminishing returns once I get this extra 40 agility, but this is really my first high level enchant (everything else was really kinda cheaply done). Either way I'm happy to have a weapon that is really top notch along with an enchant that is considered borderline overkill for my bracket (40-49). The libram would be nice, but I doubt the necessity of it, and this nethercleft stuff doesn't really seem to far and away outshine my clefthoof armor I got put on my legs already. No matter what though Dwarf is getting his glowy weapons, and if I happen to have 100g extra sitting around and hurricane or the boomstick show up on AH, I may just swipe them up. I miss not having a gun, /cry.. Bows seem so.. so.. elven. And forget those long eared people!

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