Friday, November 9, 2007

After the Tusker!

Tusker, the big snuffalupagus in Nagrand needs to die.

Well I thought, this looks like it could be a problem. Lots of people saying, you need 3 to take him down. So I kept reading..

Looks like Locks have a "easy button". There are some holy-moley felguards over at some forge camp in Nagrand. Numerous entries list that enslaving one, mounting and running like you-know-what will allow you to solo this snuffy with ease. So try #1, I enslave. Suddenly a invisible felcannon blasts me and I take a LOT of damage. I assume it was a felcannon.. cause really I saw nothing. Big green flames, big damage. So I die.

During the ghost run I had to do to get to my body (cause I always forget the friggin soulstone), I thought of pulling with Curse of Shadows and then enslaving the guy. This seemed to work well. Now I'm not really a believer in enslave demon. It always breaks and I die a terrible death. I push this feeling aside for being able to solo a guy other classes can't solo(even some at 70). Now I get there and well, someone (me) didn't read the stupid description from other posters on thott.. There is a ton of other elephants running around here. So I end up just overwhelmed at the base of the rock the tusker chills on. Fighting like 6 elephants. Good news sports fans, I WIN. These felguards are NO JOKE. Mine was 68, but some are 67, and he was vicious. I dotted, and whenthey turned to go to me, I made him hit them. That was the strategy. Well that and howl of terror. Which helped but not a solution in and of itself. So finally the guy and me make enough elephant corpses that we can go up to tusker. and..


He breaks enslave and goes into a "evade" coma. So he's just standing there.. not doing anything, and THEN I get summoned into Underbog.

My second attempt will work. Even if I gotta just totally get a 40 man raid together.. LOL. I'll try this again tonight without the 40 man raid. Really if I could just have dealt with 3 elephants it wouldn't have been a problem. This is really a waste of time if my experience doesn't pay off some good dividends.

Which reminds me, questing experience in outlands sucks. I mean sucks BADLY. I get about 1k xp from each of the kills I'm making at 66. I'm getting about 10k xp from questing all over nagrand. So the nessingwary quests, if solo'd make you more experience in the KILLS than you make in the quest itself. I think this better affirms what everyone has thought for a long time, grinding vs questing is a dumb argument. Grinding +Questing = quicker xp.

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