Monday, November 12, 2007

Almost 67

Okay so I did a bit of playing this weekend and I'm only 8% away from hitting 67. At this point its just a countdown until I hit 70. I need to follow some good advice and start leaving nagrand after I finish a few more quests. I think the zone is great, and good for farming, but I need XP not fun and games. I'll come back after I get 70 and farm the holy crap out of it then.

Next stop is North Nagrand so I can get my mage's battle baton. Its a rediculously difficult series of quests where you kick the daylights out of some instance level guys. I am almost 67 like I said, so its not something I think of as a problem, I just hate finding groups. I know some guys but they are usually raiding and I don't want to wait all day to get this done.

After I get that and a few more things from Nagrand, I'm off to Blades Edge Mountains. According to the Warlock's Den, there is a TON of quests that give me things I should have pre 70 there. Of course its all crap once I hit 70, but it is what it is.. I still need to hit a TON of instances, but that comes secondary to leveling at this point.

Need to do:
Underbog (all the way)
Slave pens
CoT Durnholde

And thats just to be going into instances at my LEVEL! So I'll let you guys know how each go.. hopefully no more craziness from people. Monday's my night off WoW, so probably no update tomorrow.

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