Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The gnome on the non epic..

In a almost continuous stream of whining and bitching regarding me being both too cheap to buy mats for an epic ground mount AND need to get a group to go through both scholo, and dire maul. I am still refusing to do it, but honestly I'm not even to the point where I can go to diremaul and DO the quest. What I really want is to for a lock buddy to take pitty on me (and a bit of gold) and take me through Dire Maul and help me get this mount.

This seems like its not going to happen anytime soon. Two great problems arise from this. Number one, I cannot get my flying mount until I am both level 70 and have my epic ground mount training (received for free upon quest completion for my dreadsteed). I do not want to be level 69 screwing around on a level 40 style mount while the cool kids are out grinding the last 20g to get their flying mount. My choices are slim, and unappealing. So I am going to have to sit in front of scholo and LFG. Precious little is as boring in the game as going LFG. It is a painful, often unending time upon which my life seems to accrue less value and less meaning. Now my new guild, The Order of Medivh, is wicked cool. Problem is that they are pretty much all doing level 70 stuff. Arena/raiding, etc.. Which means this "FNG" will probably receive less than a helping hand doing some old old level 60 stuff. I am really hesitant to ask for any lock style help either, cause I don't want to look like a schmuck. I have some favors I can call in from some lock buddies, but some of them have quit the game in its entirety. One of those people may not even still have their mount, maybe split the costs? Hm.. sounds better than ditching 250g from the word go just to get my stuff..

Don't get me wrong 250g isn't as bad as what other people farm to GET their mount skill money and mount money. The thing to remember here is, if you want to you can farm that kind of gold in a few weekends. No matter what I do, I NEED a group of people to run through some lvl 60-ish instances with me so I can get my mount. Granted its the shizznit as far as epic mounts go, nothing comes even close. I may buy a mechanostrider too just to run around and look normal, instead of like the uber super bad-mofo that I really am.

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