Thursday, January 24, 2008

argh.. coilfang sucks

Well last night after doing my pitiful few dailies I have access to, I decided to help one of my buddies run through the steamvault to get his kara fragment. This, like other stories of pain and frustration, is short in distance, but long in problems.

Anyway we got there and we were (as we always are) DPS heavy but without tank or heals. My buddy Val will accost me for not knowing one to call, but all the healers I know were in SSC or TK, so I was up the creek. Anyway we found a guy to tank it for us, but when HE shows up he's a arms warrior with a 2h sword. Ok, I thought, me and the elemental shammy are in some good epics, we could probably just give him a few seconds to get some threat and then wipe out whoever was there, right? Well maybe.. Then we go on a search for a healer.. So we are basically screwed from the word go here. We are in all actuality 4 dps guys, looking for a healer. Between you and me the healer would need to be a pally or a druid just so they could fill in with some tanking if need be, but I wasn't trying to take over the leadership role of my buddys SV run. We had a 6x holy priest come, who could have probably done the healing, if she wasn't lagging all the live long day. So she left due to causing us to wipe 3 times due to lag on heals.

So then what you ask? Then the 4 of us spammed LFG and our respective guilds trying to get a healer or a healer and a tank(cause really, an arms warrior?). Then we were getting bored so I started holding miniature pvp lessons. The hunter is pretty new to the whole idea of a 1:1 pvp experience, so I was showing him what to do.. How to place your hunter, and how to kill a warlock(which for any of you who have read my blog before it moved here know, that is why Mcgoo became my main.. I needed to know a locks' weakness so I could kill them in bg). First I school the elemental shammy, why? Cause I pwn all shammies but the enhancement ones carrying 2 purple weapons with windfury. Really the issue was I knew she was elemental so I put my felhunter on her.

PvP lesson 1 (for locks): If the guy you are trying to kill is a caster, use felhunter. Felhunter = win.

So felhunter locked her up long enough for me to put my 3 dots and my curse of shadows on her while I wound up for a shadowbolt which finished her (after some life draining and a fear). I was impressed really cause she didn't use her shocks on me (more correct was as she noted, I didn't cast till the felhunter spell locked her). My shaman spams shocks and is light on lightening, but he's just 19 (a poor attempt at a twink, so I may delete him and start over with a new shaman).

Then I have a go at the hunter (BM spec, but has aimed shot in MM). I pwn the daylights out of him cause he has his pet on the felhunter, and I do too much damage too quick for his small HP pool to handle. I won because he didn't play his class, he was trying to be a mage with a pet and just shoot from 20yds away while his pet took out MY pet. I did everything wrong, and still won. Had he known how to deal with me I'd have lost, and lost badly. So I instructed him thusly: As BM vs a clothie, you trigger your "I'm a crazy kitty" ability and send the thing to kill me. Meanwhile you are doing poison shot, arcane shot, multishot, and then if I stay at a distance do rapid fire. Told him the super secret method of beating a warlock.. (we do great damage, but usually over time, not burst (unless you're destro, which I'm not). )

Then I thought, lets try the warrior, he's in plate.. has epic weapon (swordsmith apparently) so lets dance eh? Well I school this guy too. 1) he used his berserker rage too soon, 2) he didn't stay in berserker mode (a must for fighting a lock, it keeps you out of fear most of the time), and 3) I rule. Okay so #3 was self gratifying, but I consider it accurate for this night. Warriors should know that you loose to a lock by letting them kite you. If you are on top of me hitting me, I should die very quick (and I do, trust me).

What did I have going? Well I did have >10k hitpoints due to the food buff (for instance), and the fort buff from the priest. Aside from that I knew how to do what I needed to do. I got a break with the hunter who just had a brainlock on how to beat a lock. I doubt that happens again unless he's drunk.. Hunters beat me always, and so do enhancement shammys.

So with a whole lot I wanted done, I got nothing done, and didn't even help a buddy out getting his kara frag. So basically last night, was JUST for 30g I made in dailies. Tonight I'm going to camp out in Ogrila till I can get a group for those quests and knock them out. I don't care if I gotta wait till after the raid is over, I'm going to get it done.. maybe if I pay a tank/healer? I dunno.. but I want it DONE. I want to hit exalted with skyguard asap!

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