Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Kara at last!

Well just as I was ready to do 2 WSG matches then bounce out onto my pally.. Guild chat read:

"We need 2 DPS for Kara, we're on Curator"

I literally said, HELL YEAH! Let the horde Flag Carrier cap and bounced out of WSG to get into this group. It was really neat. Kinda confusing though, even trash in raids is crazy tough. We had 3 tanks (or a dps warrior, who knows) and 2 healers. I didn't do my job well (to me) and we ended up wiping 3 times. Here's the rundown:

  1. First time we wiped, its cause someone (probably a mage) ran off or blinked and aggro'd curator before we got rid of the astral.. or whatever.. look like white fire elementals.. ANYWAY there's a few of them to take out first before you start curator, this of course caused a wipe.
  2. Second time we weren't killing the stupid astral flares (the ones the curator poops out every so often) fast enough to really take advantage of the evocation period. (This is the time I felt ticked off cause I thought I was doing what I should, but wasn't doing curse of doom when he's about 45 seconds from evocation.)
  3. Third time, kinda the same as time 2. Not really, but I'll say that. This time curator was to 24% and was told "no more flares, all out on curator". THEN guess what? 2 flares appeared and we all died.
Ok in the scope of my guild raiding kara, this was a crappy crappy run. These guys are pros and know this stuff backwards/forwards. The problem was some non guild folks we picked up. Well them and me not doing my job on the second time... Who knows, if I had been doing that we might have actually got him down more.

In the scope of "Mcgoo's first raid", even though it was JUST one guy that we went after, it was AWESOME. I have read about curator and how he's a "gear check" for the instance, he's a mandatory boss or some sort of nonsense. I was hoping beyond hope I'd get the staff he drops, and MAYBE get the T4 gloves (more just to have, cause I think my pvp gloves are superior.. But I'd like to have some Tier gear someday). We got nothing, but I got about 3g worth of trash off of mana worms and astral thinga-ma-bobs. With a repair bill of 5g 50s I actually LOST money on the exchange, but I'm not sweating it. I jumped out and immediately the raid leader asked me if I wanted to do a heroic. This is why I think I must not have sucked TOO bad, cause why would he ask a noob to do a heroic? I didn't have time (1.5 hrs and I was zonked) so I went to the ah and bought some gear for my pally (brepalan), I sent it to him along with 3 netherweave bags to get him going. I logged onto him to get the bags equipped and boom a good friend wanted to run me through stocks for xp (this is possible and advisable at 15). I shot up a whole level and now had to train. Turned out the time I didn't have for a heroic would have only been about 45 minutes longer than what I was on for.. oh well. I still need heroic badges (by the ton), so I will be trying to hit a heroic ASAP, maybe get me set up with that idol of the crescent? yeah... that'd be awesome..

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