Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Pilfering for gold

Just last night a hunter buddy of mine and I went on a netherweave hunting mission to fill my mags with bolts so I can round out tailoring (done now, btw). This was all brought about by my "hey lets go nuts and level tailoring to max and get the FSW set asap" mentality. It has cost me all my gold, literally. My normal AH workings have been reduced to sending greens to an enchanter buddy for DE in hopes of getting arcane dust. So the enterprise my main and bank toons had going has ground to a halt. So my only gold is coming form dailies and coin loot when farming.

Anyway, it is because I'm broke as a joke that I went farming for cloth to round out tailoring. In doing so we went to the ogre caves in Nagrand. They spawn in rapid succession, so don't go there and try to farm if you aren't ready for handling 3-4 at once. Well I got all the netherweave I needed to convert, yet again, into imbued netherweave. This is how I finished my tailoring, along with a final imbued netherweave robe.

My guildies came through for me and in a night I got 8 shadowcloth. So I am basically 3 days away from having my epic robe. So what comes next? Next comes the full tilt and boogie portion of the Mcgoo rep grind. First I want Skyguard rep, I can get a good trinket from them (epic, again.. woot!). To do THAT I will either need to keep playing wow for another year or so at my 3 daily quest rate, or... Get Ogrila rep so I can do skyguard dailies in BEM.

Why oh why Mcgoo do you not have that ability already? Oh cause when I was questing in BEM, I never came upon or even thought of seeking out ogrila... And now realizing how retarded that was, all my buddies are 70 and either hot/heavy into arena or PvP and have no time to group to get the 3 pre-req's out of the way. The pre-req's I've been told are not to be solo'd as its like trying to solo circle of blood in nagrand.. you can't do it.. the bosses are too tough and you can't handle their mojo. So after I get my FSW robe, I'm literally going to camp out in Ogrila and wait pinging LFG channel for LFG Ogrila quests..

After I get there with Ogrila, and consequently skyguard outpost in BEM, I'll run to shadowmoon valley so that I can pound those blood elves for their rings/tomes. I've been pretty lucky I think with tomes, as I've gotten 12 already and those are just from the blood elf nest in Terrokar.

So that's whats coming for me, well on the PvE side. PvP side, I'm going to push to try to get my pvp pants, but I need honor, and a ton of it. This is only going to make strides on AV weekend, which just passed. The other BG's don't net nearly that kind of honor, but I suppose I'll be pushing all the bg's

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