Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Epix, well a few anyway

Well I've not updated in a long time, but the scenario has changed significantly. Firstly I am at 374 tailoring (rock), I am now fully kara keyed (rocking, but harder).. and I've completed 2/3 of my Shadow's Embrace tailoring epic. There is a lot to say about each, but here's the lowdown in order.

Tailoring, I thundered up through the mid 300's by just buying what I didn't have, and pushing hard. This was expensive, to say the least, but it got me where I needed to be to get my epic set going. My first piece of this set, was mostly with bought cloth, as I thought this was cheaper. Which is TRUE if you aren't a shadowweave tailor.. Some things, I have to learn the hard way.. Consider this one learned. The second piece was all farmed mats. I farmed my little gnomish butt off too. I'm so sick of killing elementals, I couldn't begin to illustrate this. What I basically did in the end (which means after I had moaned and groaned through 3 days of farming off/on and doing dailies) I made a list of stuff I needed for the WHOLE set. I was doing it piece at a time, but decided that farming was so annoying I would rather have a week or so of un-fun WoW-time than space it out over a few days, as I would just hate to go back and farm. Before I made my boots, I had all the mats for everything except 2 primal fire. I actually bought 4 primal fire on AH since I farmed fire elementals for a while and got NOTHIN! This bothered me.. I lost my temper and bought 4 at a cheap price (according to my addon, roughly 5g less than typical per primal). This still means I need 2 Primal Fires though. Now the AWESOME part of this story is there are like 5 shadow tailors in my guild all with their stuff DONE already.. So the are benevolent enough to make me cloth for mats. So I'm coughing up mats and I'll get roughly 4x's the amount of cloth as usual for me in a week. I am short about 5 primal waters and 2 primal fire. Fire is more of a priority, since I'm having people help me out on shadowcloth creation. I am projecting an early date for finishing my FSW robe, roughly the end of next week. This is of course meaning that I will be getting pretty immediate responses from the guildmates who are helping me out. Honestly, I'm so pumped at the group response to my query in group chat.. I almost wouldn't care if they waited a long time to pass on the cloth. Most of these guys are high rollers anyway and this is small potatoes. They can zip down to the altar of shadows on their epic flying mount and zip back in 10 minutes. While it takes me that long just to GET there.

Kara keyed. This was actually kinda hard. The guild is so busy doing big stuff, little stuff like this was way under the radar. The hard part was the arcatraz portion. Apparently nobody likes this instance. I didn't think it was tough, but getting IN there was rough. Then I had to do black morass in caverns of time. This was easy cheesy. I don't know about other classes but as a lock, I dot the boss, and then spam seed of corruption. That's it. So on my keyboard kids thats doom,corruption,UA, then seed. So 1,1,1,4,4,4... So I just had my toon set to follow the mage. Follow, and then assist.. That was it. My seed was enough to stop almost all the adds, without problem. I want to do this place again, cause it was just fun. I did next to nothing, and got about 10g in crap loot. Sad part of all this is after I got keyed, I wanted to go THEN to kara. Not wait, just go. I'll be a honest here, I'm a little put off by going into a raid with a pug, especially when I'm new to raids. I'd rather go in with friends/guildmates who have bt/dt and have the tee shirt. So that brings me to the last part of my post.

PvP'ing till it hurts! We just got off a AV weekend, and I farmed about 12k honor out of the thing. This has allowed me to have my epic PvP hands/head. I figured I'd have time to get the pants before my robe was done (as my current setup in gear has my chest/legs linked giving me a +dmg bonus for having netherweave). Its not essential to do this before I go to kara, but I still want to.

Whats coming? More pain to you folks in AV! I don't always win, but I do always leave bodies in my wake. I'm planning on an arena "dip toes into water" team. Nothing serious, but something just enough to really get a finger on what I need to do in there. After all, I want that epic holy schmolies dragon mount for being in the top tier. It won't happen for a long time probably, but still.

Epic count: 4 (head/shoulders/hands/feet)


Valdesta said...

Woot woot, coming right along! Excellent that you have more Shadoweave tailors in your guild - I was pretty much the first one, although there's another guy who is, he hardly plays and isn't around enough for me to have used his cooldown. So, I used my own cooldowns and wow, that took a while. I tended to watch the AH for good deals on those primals as well, although I farmed them a bit and felt the same frustration you did.

I found it very helpful that recently in creating my Spellstrike set and needing some 10 Primal Mights that I did a Transmute Primal Air to Fire and put in one Air and got back five Fire because my alch xmute spec proc'd. What a money saver!!!

Do you fish your own Primal Waters too? I've got a lot of scrolls and buff food and extra goodies from having done that too.

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Mcgoo said...

No my fishing has stagnated. And I mean stagnated early. I all but stopped when I started moving mcgoo past 60, so I only spent about 2-3 hours on fishing from the word go.

I continue to plan on upping my fishing but I feel as if I'd end up sitting in stormwind fishing aimlessly till I could get high enough to fish in outlands.

I have recently got my mining moving again, but for some reason fel iron won't sell for anything in the AH.. When I go into funds replenish mode, I'll be doing more mithril runs, since those stacks still sell >20g on my server while I couldn't get 18g for feliron.

Anyway I'm updating with another post now