Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Pally on the move

Well I've become down recently about my warlock. This should come as no great surprise to all that are casual players such as myself. I've hit the "wall". There comes a time in your WoW career when you are either dependent on others to help you move on (raids/instances), or you are dependent upon hours of queue times in PvP settings to get better stuff.

Firstly, I LOVE PvP. Love it. L-O-V-E, love. I hate queue times. hate hate hate. To me, time I spend in queue is time I could be spending getting my other toons to do new and exciting things that mcgoo couldn't do, or never had a chance to do. Ideally, there would be a patch for PvP queues, so I could have a alt playing while mcgoo was in queue.. when it popped, it would log me out of the alt and into mcgoo at the battleground. This, will never happen though.

In my depression directed at Mr Mcgoo, I have just kinda resigned him for daily quests for gold, and farming for mats other toons can't get. Mainly ores, since I'm a 300+miner. I'm not topped out, which again, seems painful without an epic flying mount. Doing a loop of hellfire peninsula takes me about 30 minutes. And that is if I get at least 4 nodes (which I don't always). I dropped some gold to get a riding crop so I could speed up a bit. This has helped a lot, really. However seeing a dragon zoom by me so fast that I'm apparently standing still was a bit disconcerting.

I thought, I'll just log in to do dailies.. if someone is getting a group for kara, they can msg me. Problem there is my lowbie alts are in my friendly guild. The one where I have "ppl". I suppose I could go out and put the alts into my mains guild.. I figure my problems I have with mcgoo would just be amplified though at a lower level.

My presumption was, once I hit 70 and push to get my kara key.. I'll be able to hop in kara and eventually get to raiding a bit. Honestly I don't even know if I'd LIKE raiding, but I do want to try it. Most of the gear I see on people running into tempest keep raids (for warlocks anyway) says on the tooltip "drops in kara, low drop rate". So I apparently need to farm this place to have anything of any value, and of course the 2-3 heroic badge turnins for the cool stuff from there. So I suppose kara is my end step, just in case I don't like raiding I'll have good damage gear to farm with and be ready for my march to 80 (when the new expansion hits). This presumtion was punched in the face with the issue that my guild is steady raiding SSC and Tempest Keep. They can clear Kara with some incredibly short time frame, so I know the guys could do it.. its just they spend their time in the big raids doing "big stuff". I still hope that I can get in and do kara, but I am now less hopeful.

I could PUG it! but I'd rather not run with random dingleberries who managed to get the key.

Anyways.. the original title of the post is what is "up" now with me and mine. My pally Brepalan is on the move. I barely made it up one level last night with him but much of that is due to the long time it takes me to do my 4 skyguard dailies (2 bombing, one escort and 1 nether ray roundup). I generate about 50g each day.. So 2 day's work will buy a mount at 40 for one of my guys. Even though my pally gets a freebie. My pally I'm trying to get to about 49 to leave him for pvp till he has a crap ton of honor and marks to buy things with. The real reason for that is because of a buddy of mine that has a 40ish hunter. I figure if I'm a pally I could probably tank/heal anything around the 40's level. Well with good gear, but again.. money won't be a big problem since I'm churning a good amount out as is.

After the pally I will probably push the priest, as he is the most fun of the alts ATM. I am wanting to work on consortium rep too as those guys send me gems!! Well not great gems, but hey.. I'll need them for my priests jewelcrafting in the future.

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