Friday, January 25, 2008

WOO HOO!!! Ogrila

Well I finally mustered the group to get my ogrila pre-req quests done. This statement alone belies the fact that it took over an hour to get everyone grouped and ready to go kill. Only then to find out that a horde group was doing them at the same time so we didn't even HAVE to kill 2 guys (we helped though) as the horde killed them and we could still loot the object dropped. I partiuclarly liked helping as the horde had a shadow priest, and since I'm affliction almost all my damage comes from the shadow pool. I used curse of shadows, corruption and unstable affliction (my heavy damage dots), knowing this would augment the Spriests shadow damage with the curse, and then I volleyed shadowbolts and popped a trinket. I got really lucky and crit 3x's so the priest and I were just wailing out damage, he stole aggro (well he had already started when I got there) but with their tank, our tank their DPS and some of ours it wasnt' a big deal to kill the guy.

All in all last night was productive, I managed to push through to friendly with Ogrila, and I have about 100 Apexis shards. On top of that I passed through to end up with 6 daily quests done and now revered with skyguard (so they chant at me).

The absolute best part, I made over 100g in those few hours. I have about 2 days left on my shadowcloth cooldown, so my robe is still not made, but it should be soon... Soon..

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