Thursday, September 27, 2007

Blood Furnace, wasn't so hot..

Went on a run through the blood furnace, and it turned out to be more of a sprint. We spent more time waiting for people to come back from bathroom breaks than actually regaining mana/healing up.

Tank was good. A bit hasty for some people (I was shocked), but literally downed one mob of 3, then charged the next mob. I can be ready to go in a very short time with dark pact and lifetap.. but I think our mage felt a mana pinch. We didn't get close to wiping.. ever. There was one time when we had 6 guys on us, but with rooting/fearing/sheeping.. it wasn't a big problem.

I think the benefit here was the rogue in our party. I'm not a big fan of rogues. This is just something that's known. I find all but a few of their abilities dumb. The one in particular he was using was backstab. With almost NO exception, backstab and sap are premier abilities. Sap takes one guy out of the equation, and backstab does big damage, plus you aren't getting hit! Spam Sinister Strike, and then do backstab until you get full points for an eviscerate. I do that with my lvl 14 Rogue (Felorinn). Having a tank means you don't have to sneak behind.. you just walk there. Also, unless you crit too much, you won't pull aggro. You'll be doing big damage without getting hit, all while not pulling aggro. Its a great thing really. Now he got mind controlled once and put a beating on me.. but still. This was a good rogue. It may have revolutionized my viewing of rogues altogether.

Priest was good, but not exceptional. His HEALING was exceptional. He knew when to bubble me, and when to put big heals on me, and when to let me heal myself with drain life. All this without voice or text coordination. He was either a lock in a former life or he is VERY familiar with how we roll. I got bubbled when I started hellfire, when the bubble faded, I got HoT'd.. and then a big heal when I hit 50%. So after I helped AoE 5 guys down, I was at full life, and almost full mana (loving the imp mana battery).

Mage was Frost/Arcane I think, cause I saw a water elemental, but also saw some arcane missles blasting away. He beat me with damage on allthe boss fights but in general I was doing more damage than him. Frost mages are awesome for crowd control, slowing everyone down and rooting with the nova. That is usually when I came in and did Hellfire actually. A bunch of guys all stuck in one spot.. sounds like they are asking for it to me.

I wasn't at the top of my game, but I did really well. Nothing to be ashamed of like the last ramparts run I got in.. Gosh I was so terrible I put myself on ignore... LOL!

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