Thursday, September 27, 2007

Rep farming in hellfire

At the behest of some much more experienced guys I know, I've been rep farming in hellfire peninsula. I am now to the point that I will be going THROUGH those 2 instances only 1 more time. I will get the quests FOR the instances so I can run through and get what I need. This should be the last time I run regular ramparts/bf.

I'm so excited I can't even express it. I've been bored with Mcgoo since all I could do is group up and do instances. Most everything I found in outland is either demon or an orc, so I totally plan on using my succubus. I can banish demons and I can seduce the orcs. I will mow these fools down. Its been so long since I've solo'd anywhere except to help buddies out in various parts of the world, I may be a bit rusty. Maybe still use VW for a bit then, right? Couldn't hurt.

The guys in outland seem to be all orange to me. I mean, most everyone is higher level. Like I'm lvl 4 running in westfall or something. I mean I'm a bit worried I'll find an elite that will smoke me like yesterdays tobacco. Plus I have found lots of these orcs are immune to deathcoil. Which, to this point, has been my "OS" handle. I can get distance and drop a quick shadowbolt/shadowburn on someone and drop them 2k points just in a snap. My problems come with mobs that are even slightly immune to shadow damage. I'm at over 300 shadow damage, which makes my corruption a lethal instrument, to be sure. I think I get like an additional 30% to my corruption.. so thats almost another 100 damage. If I use my curse of shadows (and I always do, just in case of nightfall proc), that adds even more. So my corruption is how I kill things. Everything else is pretty much icing. Siphon Life? Icing, helps me regen life in longer fights, and helps me in my drain life, if I'm drain tanking. Immolate? Well thats kinda icing, for some reason it REALLY ticks ppl off and I pull aggro from my VW. It does good damage, but who needs the hassle? This is for if I have a real tank. Or if I'm in PvP, where aggro doesn't matter.

My new Addon Omen will keep me in check when it comes to pulling aggro off the VW. VW is still pretty much king for me for handling multiple mobs. I can deal with 2 64's with the VW on one, and his guy dotted up, plus me dotting up mine and drain tanking him. Its fun, but I am going to give my succubus a try, just to see. Some locks swear by her, some don't.

Oh well looking forward to tonight an maybe my last ramp/bf runs.. /dance.

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