Friday, September 14, 2007

Ho Hum..

Well nothing was happening in Hellfire Pen. last night, so I popped over to my twink hunter and ran some buddies around.

LORD I do a lot of damage for only lvl 49! I mean scaling these figures with what I do NOW as a warlock, no wonder ppl want to "nerf hunters"! I am sure there is a level issue at hand, and I was running ppl through defias quests to get to Van Cleeth so I was one shotting teen mobs.. but still. I may run some ppl through VC tonight with Mcgoo just to see what the difference would be. I wanted to do it last night, but I was nodding off. As a reference for future posts, I was seeing WHITE damage in the 400 range. ( now all you mages shut up, cause that is firing once every 1.9 seconds, with ZERO mana.. so shutty)

I had my share of poopy shots that only did about 300 and there was some below that.. I noticed NO crits at all. Which is because my agility sucks badly.. but I'll be adding to that in a major way someday in the really distant future, by the clefthoof armor to my scorpid leggings, and a agi enchant to my big 2h sword ( I mean really 20 stamina.. I hate the thing.. but dang.. thats a ton of stamina). So I figure if I can chunk on some agi to that massive stamina.. I got a great weapon.. Even if the damage isn't too hot.. I don't plan on doing more than wing clip and that instant attack thingy.

1 shotting things made me lazy and I almost forgot about grendal (my wolf pet), he's a hunter/seeker and I keep him on aggressive all the time. I usually follow his targeting and wail on folks in PvP.. I have a tiger for prowl.. but really.. you have to get SOO close to hitem with the prowl attack bonus.. I used to leave mine at the mine by the flag in aggressive mode. and I would feign death next to the mine shaft. It was a good trick, but I didn't actively level the tiger, so its several levels under Grendal. So Grendal, with the advent of cobra reflexes, is now my main pet. (I don't care about his damage really.. I want him to attack as much as possible to piss off casters. The damage comes from my aimed shot and multishot combo, and if that procs rapid fire I can toast more than 2 ppl at a time.. hehe)

So an update of Mcgoo in Westfall is forthcoming. I hope I can remember to beg a guildy to run my shaman through WC for that fang armor.. LOVE that fang armor!! Maybe get a blue mace for when mana runs out I can SMACK some folks.. hehe.. Well hopefully.

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