Friday, September 7, 2007

Ramparts and Blood Furnace

Ok, I'm new to outlands. That being said, these 2 instances seem so easy to me. I am just 60 almost 61 so I'm not doing heroics or anything, just saying.. With a tank/healer, the rest is all gravy for these places. I've gone through Ramparts like 6 times, and Blood Furnace only 2x's. Ramparts seems easier, but I get more use as a "lock" in BF. Decent drops, I seem to keep finding lvl 61 and up items, so till I hit 61 you won't see me sporting anything cool.

I have been running through in balanced groups, healer/tank + mage/shaman/lock/druid. Even went through 1 time with a druid and a warrior tanking. I keep finding myself in big groups wanting to jump in the middle and do hellfire and have the healer heal me up. I LOVE doing hellfire in groups. A healer who knows that, and can keep me alive while the other party members finish off the guys is an exciting and sure fire way to kill everyone in a radius of me. My ideal for that in these instances would be to have a pally/shaman put up fire protection and then allow me to do hellfire longer for less life. Then a Rogue or 2 could make short work of anyone (as they would be behind them, and could backstab.
  1. Shaman/Pally for fire resist and helping heal
  2. Warrior (boss fights require one, period)
  3. Rogue (backstabs, FTW!)
  4. Healer (I prefer priests, but whatever)
This would be ideal for running through the big mobs. I don't have much in the way of +fire damage, but my fire damage is good. I guess I could get a fire prot pot. Which would help me out with surviving this idea. My other issue is I am always under lvl for the groups we fight. Fighting level 61-64 in places (Pretty sure those are the lvls anyway), so I can get resisted, and do on some things. The big guy on the dragon resists me about half the time, but my stuff is mostly instant at this point, so resists just mean a 1 sec delay till I recast.

Good tanks seem to be around in outlands, where in azeroth all these jokers want to show up with a 2h mace, or 2 swords. I have found a DEEP appreciation for Prot spec warriors. They really seem to hold aggro much much much better. Managing sunder's and other things seem to be really effective. I have been in groups where the tank tries to pump up 5 sunders right away, and still looses aggro. The higher up the warrior, the more likely they are protection, or at least HAVE some protection skills. Unlike in pre lvl 60 encounters, I don't think a pally can tank anymore. They are handy to have around, cause they can do damage and stay alive all by themselves. Even if it is just to off-tank (what shamans tend to do, and do well).

Off-tanks have all the fun. They are basically a warrior that is a lone wolf. In big pulls, when 3-4 guys show up.. 1/4 is sheeped, 1/4 is tanked (MainTank), 1/4 is off tanked, and the last guy, is "burn down". By burndown, the tank usually smacks him with a sunder and then goes after the main guy he is tanking. And my job, as a damage machine, is to put all my stuff on the burn-down while mage/hunter puts their damage on him. (side note) Hunters are great in these scenarios. They can put out as much DPS as a mage, and come with a tank (pet). There is no delusion that the guy we are "burning down" fast will stay with the pet tank, or even close to the main tank. I take it as, the guy is going to come for me or the mage or even the healer. So as soon as he breaks from the herd I start up everything I got. If he goes for the healer, he gets searing pain(which steals aggro EASY), then I drain tank. Most of the time the guy is dead before he makes a few steps, since the 2 tanks are handling their guys all the other guys are concentrated on THIS 1 guy. The coordination, everything is so good now in groups. I like it when they put up the raid symbols, I really like it when there are demons around so I can banish one (BF mainly). Banish is one of my most favorite abilities. It is (to me) the best crowd control in the game. You can do so much. I have leveled wands when banishing things in outlands. (they are immune to damage, but you still skillup your weps as they are banished). Fun fact would be to banish a elemental or whatever lower level than yourself and just level up all your weps. (should have thought of this long ago). Warriors seem to love this. "I'm not maxed on this wep" is something I hear from time to time, and this gives them a damage free environment to level it up.

Anyway, more to come on outlands in the future!

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Valdesta said...

Yes, an organized party rocks my socks off - nice to have a group that can crowd control well enough and have people who understand the value of all targetting one thing vs the joy of watching all things die at the same time (to the expense of the length of the fight and stress on everyone in it).

We've got some people coming back to our guild these days who have the Outlands experiences (some up to and including SSC) but aren't interested in the whole raiding scene anymore, so now maybe we can start to go through the instances without ME being the party and directional leader when I have only been in 2 Outlands instances EVER.

The Lock sounds fun. I'm looking forward to getting my Mage up higher, I like the crowd control and general challenge of threat management with him. Warrior is so boring in comparison, and so annoying with all of the up-close battles and mass confusion.

Anywho, gotta get back to work!

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