Friday, September 21, 2007


For the last several levels I have almost exclusively been dealing with Mcgoo, but lately.. I'm bored with him. The whole idea of not questing.. JUST running ramparts and blood furnace, of which I can barely ever find a PUG, has just worn me out.

So I've been leveling my fleet of alts. My sub 10 toons, are almost all 10's now, with very few exceptions, and my mage.. well she's moving well too. My most dusty alt was Trollstomper on Eonar, who I thundered through several levels to get to where he sits now. He's on a 10 day rotation, :).

My mage, and my top secret warrior are the two that I'll be working on in the conceivable future, or till I just miss Mcgoo too bad to leave him sit any longer. Hey maybe if I get some good rested XP I can thunder Mcgoo up from 61 to 63 in a blink of an eye (otherwise known as 2 ramp/bf runs)?? Could be, who knows. I did play with Mcgoo for like 20-30 seconds last night.. Logged in.. checked my mail, bought a yellow gem to socket in my belt (rockin +crit!!).. Then logged off to play my priest. He's still sub 10, but he came up from 6, and I got his first aid/fishing/cooking all pretty close to maxed. I am really having difficulty not putting jewelcrafting on him, since I have no intention of doing any PvP with him, ever.. Ok maybe 1 or 2 just to see how I handle it. But I won't be twinking at all. I want only to go holy with the guy till about 35, then respec over to 100% shadow. I always wanted a shadow priest to measure against my lock.. :)

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