Monday, September 10, 2007

Mithril... and Loving it

I whine, cry and complain constantly that I hate mining. I do. I really dislike running around whole zones trying to find a node to mine. I hate it. Note: I am using the word HATE.

Really though, nothing sells quite as good as minerals do for me. Iron moves pretty slow on my server, but I got upgraded to Mithril, and that stuff MOVES FAST! I barely can hit create auction before seeing its been bought out. I fully intend to keep some of each of my minerals for my up and coming jewelcrafter, and the never-present pally (who will be an engineer). Something I have noticed on my particular runs though that I dislike, is.. If I find a node and mine it.. I usually gain 1 skillup point per node. Not per time I mine, per NODE. So if I have good luck and have 4 pieces of mithril from the node, I get 1 skillpoint, if I have 1 ore in the node, I get 1 skillpoint. This is TERRIBLE. It sells like hotcakes, but what a pain in the tush.

For any aspiring miners out there, my advice.. get an epic mount and just find a spot and run around. Personally elwynn forrest all but satisfied my need/want for copper, and that was PRE mount with my warlock. Blasted lands is suppossed to be really good for mining, but I have never found anything there.. Which is something else that bothers me, This stuff is so hard to find. How do people on PvP servers EVER get any mining done? I am constantly racing a orc/tauren/troll to a node. I don't ninja the nodes though. I mean I have thought of it, but its not worth tickin someone off for 1 MEASELY skill point. Now if I got 1 point each time i mined a node, yeah.. I so would.. Don't doubt it for a second!

Well I'm about 5-10 points from getting to Thorium I think, so thats good.. I don't know when I'll push mining again, but wanted to say, no wonder that stuff costs so much on the AH.. its a lot of work finding those nodes and mining them.

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