Monday, September 10, 2007

Boredom will do that to ya..

Well as I ran around frantically trying to find the pieces I needed to get into scholomance (instance #1 of 2 for my epic mount), I got.. Lets say bored. I was stuck in the WPL staring at a lvl 61 elite with about 7 elites around him. I gotta kill this guy to get my key made. There was only 2 (TWO) people in this area both were 50-ish rogues, with not enough spine to try it. I believe we could've done it, I make a good decoy and with soulstones and curses of exhaustion I could have held the group while the rogues double backstabbed the guy (whom I would have dotted the ears off of). And then we could pick off the lower elites to loot the body. They however, were not down with this. So I stood in this ramshackle town staring at the guy keeping me from scholomance.

Thats when it happened. I knew it would eventually, I just never thought it would be so soon. I thought, "I don't want to play any of my alternates.. maybe a new one?" and boom. I now have a warrior. I'm not putting him on the map anytime soon, but so far he's lvl 6 and just got his "seed money" of 3g, and 4 14 slot bags. This gave me a huge advantage with Mcgoo, cause I could just keep going and going with quests/grinding till I was almost full.. THEN go back and turn in/vendor and reap big rewards for little-no effort. I attribute this alone to Mcgoo's good wealth in gold, well that and his occupations (skinning/mining). So my new guy here has no professions just yet. As a matter of fact, I left him outdoors (I've been to my first inn, just didn't park there). I have set him up for first aid (not getting cooking, cause I have a high level cooker in mcgoo.. why do it 2x's?. I am thinking the same professions would be best, but I may go with herbalism and skinning. I don't know that herbalism is that good of a money maker, but what on earth would I do with all the ore if I went mining again? Well sure I'd sell it, but still! Mining is a pain to level, and has been more stressful than I originally thought. Then there are the more abstract things I could get a profession in.. Like tailoring!.. Or enchanting. I'd like to have a high level enchanter, and I know mcgoo will probably go to tailoring eventually (some good tailoring things now). I'd like an alchemist, but my rogue is one, even if a low level one. The pots are great for grinding.

Well anyway, boredom has spawned another member in the Mcgoo family of alts. Unlike my other alts, this guy is really fun to use. I don't need anyone's help, at all. I can handle 2 mobs at level without problems. Plus I feel more active in the fight (Mcgoo dots, then redots.. then either shadowbolts/life drain/wands them to death), which is always good. I still have that low level drenai priest HealYoSelf. He'll be shadow spec all the way, cause there's no way I could be a healer.


Valdesta said...

LOL, I feel for ya, except now my toon bank is full save one (and I can't stand having a completely full list so I always have one empty) and my lowest is level 20, no room to start any new ones...

Enjoy the warrior! I find mine kinda tough to play/deal with, in the "running away screaming" constantly kind of way in the early levels and in the "do I have to pay THAT much attention to what I'm doing?" in the later levels...

But as with all toons, if you can find a good friend or three to party up with it's not as bad as if you're all by yourself or if you're PUGging it. *shudder*

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PS: Life was distracting this summer with family visits but I'm back home and back blogging properly again... I seem to have the old link to your site, I should be updating it right? :)

Valdesta said...

Regarding your vote thing up there, I think you need a 'huh?' category so people like me who are woefully undereducated about locks beyond level 20, can vote.

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Geek Gmr said...

Updated the poll now, hehe..

Valdesta said...

I have to write an entry about my secondary professions on my toons - I do my best to max 'em all out, on all toons.

Some see it as a waste of time, but I see it this way:

First Aid - every toon should be able to do this, it's convenient free healing when out on the field.

Fishing - every time I run across floating debris, I want to be able to fish it on that toon without having to hop and hope the treasure stays put.

Cooking - if nothing else, this makes good use of the billions of fish I get from levelling fishing, and I also get a good collection of foods added to my bank storer and those get used over time by the rest of my toons to boost their play.

As for primary professions, if you have ANYTHING that uses ore, it's good to have two miners - one higher than the producer if possible. Lots of use for ore out there, lots of sales potential for sure.


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