Friday, September 7, 2007

Mcgoo on grouping

As usual, I am an affliction lock, with some destruction cred to my name. So my advice is STRICTLY for affliction locks like me.

I love grouping with druids and shaman. For all things. Druids and shaman can both drop a heal on me if I need one, and both can get down to the "nitty gritty" and duke it out with some mobs if need be also. Druids are a little cooler IMO.. Simply because of their flexibility. Literally changing from rogue like abilities to warrior type abilities... Then when need be, they can heal themselves (like I do.. drain tanking) or heal me (cause I got ganged up on and couldn't heal all the way).
Shaman are really neat. I LOVE the totems. Loving the totems, like I do means that I appreciate everything they give to me. More armor? Lovin it.. Fire resist? Lovin it.. More mana? Lovin it..

And with wearing mail, they are pretty darn close to perfect, in shorter fights. Most shaman I've seen are like... mages with smaller mana pools. They do massive damage but their mana dries out quick. ( I know this because in PvP.. I drain mana to kill them). The longer things take for a shaman, the worse things can become. Windfury is nice on their weps if they HAVE a good wep. In the end its an auto attack jamboree with occasional shocks. My dots help them dwindle life down quicker, and they help me with being a tank, and healer. I have a buddy on Frostmane who has a 70 shaman (resto), and he's really good. I've only ever seen 1 person with more +healing than him.. He must just REALLY lay down good heals. But he can still run up and throw down if need be (remember, in mail..). He can't take the beating a real tank could, but he can still throw down damage.

For farming though, I prefer druids. With a druid putting 2 HoT's on me and still throwing heals I can bust out hellfire and almost negate the damage it causes me. Plus that "gift of the wild" thing. That armor and resistance points go a long way. Priest/druid/shaman/pally all have their pluses, and minuses. Big thing is they all can do lots of things but some of them do it better than others. Personally, the only reason I even like preists is their fortitude buff. As a lock, stamina is king.. So having that plus an imp is usually close to +100 stamina. Pally's I love for all the aura's they can put on me. They seem to be able to dispel EVERYTHING debuff wise. So having one on your team is always a good thing if you are running through a lock heavy area (I hate pally's in PvP). I always had to find them during a fight and dot up.. then drain mana. Like shaman, they can do great damage, but only with their spells. Luckily I can get their mana down quick enough that they aren't that hairy. Unstable affliction was meant for them and for priests. Sure take it off.. but see what happens to you! hehe

Warriors are great in groups (farming/questing) because they can get a bunch of folks REALLY ticked fast. So can have like 4-5 guys on him at 1x.. Then I can just dot them all and focus on the one he's on and we drop it FAST. Plus warriors love my imp's stamina buff too

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