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PvP tips for hunters (AB edition)

Firstly, please read the WSG edition. I went over some basics I won't (on purpose) repeat. Remember this is for in general lvl 49 hunters, I'm not looking back to see what I had and when.. look at your skills and see if you can do this stuff. Also remember I am marksman, I have trueshot aura, as well as aimed shot/scatter shot, and even a point or two in Beast mastery for the improved hawk aspect (otherwise known as holy smokes rapid fire). A must for all hunters is the 3 points in survival for the longer range.

Arathi Basin. Its a beautiful place with a ton of possibilities, mostly.. Death.

As a hunter you won't always be on the fringe of an attack, but sometimes defending something. Surprise is always an element you like in your favor though. So don't forget to hide, and do it in a place where you MIGHT get an aimed shot off. This levels a playing field FAST.

5 guys coming to the mine, and suddenly the healer has a mana drain on him and 3/4 his life is gone. Healing himself means he's low on mana and WON'T be an element for the coming fight. Ignoring himself means he'll die fast and STILL won't be an element in the coming fight. If you get jumped by anyone in melee range, if you are over-ran.. I ignore them. I continue raining pain on the people that are at range. I put my pet on the guy melee'ing me. Least I could do to bug him. Or I'll put a freezing trap down to stop him cold (always fun). Keep in mind Melee is not your Forte. You do the most damage from 40 yards out, and don't forget it. POUND the guys that are in range. Take out clothies/rogues first. Clothies either cause big problems with their big damage (mage/lock) or cause big problems with healing. So they are #1, #2 target is the rogue/stealthed druid. These guys can do some wild things to you. Drop flares around your team mates so they aren't surprised and can stop them. If you see one who is un-checked, aimed shot his butt. He wears better armor than cloth, but you can still devastate him.

Use your hotkeys if you don't already.. In a group I use a spamming motion with my poison shot. Everyone needs it. Tab targets people quick, but has its shortcomings. Use tab and your hotkey for poison shot to poison a group quickly. For me its Tab +#2(the number 2 above the "w" key on the keyboard). I will sit out of the way and just literally toggle those 2 buttons till I notice my next tab has it already. It won't turn the tide of battle, but it keeps healers busy,and helps in a skirmish (where you aren't seen) to be more of a damage dealer. Remember you can do this while running /strafing.

Real Estate:
Like in real life, being a hunter requires location/location/location. You WILL be found most times, but if you play your cards right you could have already lowered the whole attacking team's life by 20-30%, AND killed a few. Keep in mind doing well in Battlegrounds means doing well with your team. No solo.. not at all. Unless a particular node is calling for help, don't be alone.. ever. Hunter's make great defenders as they can "track" the enemies movements, and no matter what anyone says.. KNOWING what's coming is always better than "SURPRISE!!" 6 guys in your face. Once you get feign death, use it. I have let whole groups of horde run right by me cause I was faking being dead. Best is to put your pet somewhere else (or stealthed) and do it. Let them run by and when they are starting to claim the flag or when your people engage and they push forward come up from the flank and pick some guys off.. Remember most people can't see very far in back from their vantage point in playing WoW. SO if you are far enough behind, they won't see you pop up and cast aimed shot on their back. In surprise scenario's beware of using the hunter's mark. This gives away that there is a hunter around.. and people generally look for you then.. so you loose a bit of surprise by not using it during the aimed shot, but put it on immediately afterwards (as they will now KNOW you are not dead and want you to die a painful death).
Some specifics on Real Estate:
  • Mine
    • Spot above the mine (structure) is great for sniping people, but its a known place so expect company
    • off by the water will be a good place to hang out especially if you are a dwarf. You may get ignored even if you AREN'T faking being dead.
    • Hiding inside the mine itself is not so hot, you can't track people outside the mine (or inside if I remember correctly, but that means if you are outside you track outside, inside: inside tracking only)
    • The crates besdie the mine is a great hiding spot, nelfs can shadowmeld there and do a peek-a-boo with people at the flag no worries.
  • Smith (probably the worst hunter spot)
    • For defense from Farm side, get on the rocks overlooking the bridge from the Farm/mill crossroad.
    • beside the building itself in shadowmeld (night elf only)
    • Playing dead.. by the graveyard is best. No one expects you to pop up from there and unload.
  • Lumber mill
    • (dwarf) the woodpile at the mill structure for sniping at folks coming up the hill
    • overlooking the hill from farm
    • at flag. This is debatable as most ppl run FOR the flag, but I like it since I can hit people on the hill still from there
  • Stables
    • I play dead IN the stables facing the mill all the time
    • Rocks on the shore by the bridge towards mill
  • Farm
    • This is heaven, by the way cause if you take farm, you are guaranteed tons of hits/kills as their home is just beyond the farm
    • bushes accross the road from the flag (its good distance, and a bit of cover)
    • play dead by the windmill on the farm you can snipe some ppl running for the mine to avoid you at the farm. Or stop an advance if they swarm the farm from their base.
On Offense:

Find a mage and follow him around. They have good grounding abilities and even have polymorph if you get in trouble. Plus they do great damage and are expected to do so, few of their spells are 1 hit kills so you can finish some folks off with him/her. Don't go anywhere without a guy in plate. This is lame, but unfortunately, rogues exist and will cause big hits.. the guys best able to absorb that damage are warriors/pally's. THEN once the rogue is known you and the mage can wipe him out quick. Rogues do the most FAST melee damage, so they are priority, second would be the charging bulls (warriors, usually tauren). If you and the mage focus on someone, they die. Period. Make sure you guys are on the same page. If he wants to go for the healer, follow his lead. We are more consistent with damage, but they have BIG booms to put on people. If your warrior is fighting someone, its better to take him/her out. Keep in mind he won't be fighting 1:1, it'll be 5:1 easy. That's why I say rogues first.. THey do the most the fastest, so get rid of them first. Multishot them if you can.. and have him sheep a healer or something.

Absolute best assualt group: Warlock, and 2 hunters. Seduce can take 1 guy out of an equation from the word go, and fear takes out another (just not an undead guy cause they are tricky). Hunters can mark the other two and the lock can dot them up while the hunters unload and put pets on them. I've taken out 5 man groups this way lots of times. Never has the guy who was feared came back to the flag. He runs away, always. Cause the feared guy is almost always a rogue. Rogues are good 1:1, but can't take a group.. Especially a lock and 2 hunters. Affliction locks are great but, sometimes can't take people down fast enough. Destruction locks are my personal favorite (when I'm a hunter, since mcgoo is affliction and partial destro)

Just don't forget your: Scope, sharpening stones, potions (loose these only in serious situations)

If I think of more it will be added to this post so if you are referencing this in the future come back to the 2 posts.

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