Friday, October 5, 2007

Alts all over the friggin place

There are a few times in WoW that are kinda hard to solo for any non-hunters, and these parts cause untold pain for the rest of the classes. Now I know some people have 3-4 lvl 70 guys and can throw 20g to an alt to get a run through ZulFarrak or to do the quests in Westfall.. That, has never been me.

Mcgoo is my main guy. My go-to character. I also have dwarfenstuff(dwarf), who is a 49 twink hunter. He's not REALLY twinked, but lets just say me not in the top 3-4 in damage and HK's in a battleground means the Horde team won in record time, and I'm grumbling about it. So upon completing his "twinking", he should be a force of nature that all run in fear from.

My problem is this. I have fantastic friends on Frostmane and Eonar. Frostmane is a scary place though. I mean its a PvP place, and I'm horde. I've never really BEEN horde before. So I don't know where to go next, or where is the best place to grind things out.. nothing. Plus if I stray to far.. an alliance lvl 70 looking for something to do might hit me so hard my spirit won't resurrect.

Eonar, man Eonar is a wild place too. Its not PvP though. I have some teens on here and its great fun. Problem is simple things become hard on this server. Firstly, my buddies that play here are on hiatus. Meaning that they were ahead of me, by a long shot, and quit for a while. So I'm kinda on "catchup" for these guys. Good news is, here I have a dranny hunter. Which I love. He'll be marksman mostly till I start pushing him into survival. I figure with the way hunters level, I should probably get this guy to 80 (the new expansion coming, remember?) long before Mcgoo (as locks don't level as quick, or I don't.. whatever). But back to why Eonar is kinda crappy. There's not a lot of social interaction here. I was IN the mage area of darnassus, polling "WTB port to IF, pst". This happened for over an hour. (note: I was amidst the trainers so I KNOW these people could port me, as they were all >40). FINALLY, a 60 lock asked me what I'd pay for a summon. Summon's are cool! I do them all the time on Medivh with Mcgoo. So I told him, what I thought was a fair price, 1g. He put me on ignore. I have a good mind to make a horde character JUST to kill him. I have his name written down, and he's SO on my short list of people to annihilate in a dual in the future. But I digress. I was ON THE BOAT to menethil as a wee lvl 10 hunter resigning myself to a long and arduous run, when a hunter sends me a whisper.. "you still need a port?" "sure do!" "kk lemme log my gf toon on and I'll port you". So I ask him, maybe this new server has a different going rate.. (on medivh, its all 1g.. its just.. understood. Some people ask more, but they are kinda rare). This guy says its always 1g here too. So then I figured that lock is just a butthead, so screw him..

Seriously though, if I wanted >1g for a summon, I'd ask for it. Don't be all sissyfied and him and haw about it. I want 2g for the summon. Thats how you do that stuff. Now I have done one in desolace once for 3g, but I had to farm for shards real quick , plus I had to find some folks to do it with me. Not like I asked for it though. This was my first summon, and he said "summon me for 3g?". Well I'm a money grubbing gnome, so I went for it. Gave the guy some food too (cook) for a stamina buff and off he went.

Medivh is just home. I know so many people there and have so many close connections that I don't know if I could ever really level a guy seriously away from that server. Unless of course some of my close friends on Medivh went with me. Hm.. Now THAT is an idea.

I'll throw that out and see what sticks with my buds and I'll report back later.

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