Friday, October 12, 2007

Alts overplayed

I've been into World of Warcraft a bit over a year at this point. I have a fleet of characters' I've played with (ahem, look to the right.. :) ). My Highest is (to date) is Mcgoo and he's lvl 62.

I don't think I have any that aren't in the TEEN range. Most not at 19 though (although that is the goal, at the moment). To be honest I have founds outlands leveling to require so much grouping, that I haven't been able to really enjoy it. I prefer solo-ing, or doing like a 2-3 man run through some quests. I'm a good solo class (warlock), but I am a kick butt assist class. Protection warrior? having trouble killing? No worries, DoT's speed this up BIG time. Need to take 1 at a time, instead of 2? I have a succubus that can take that one guy out for you in the mean time. Need an offtank? I have a voidwalker who can keep a guy busy for you, while we focus on the elite guy.

My preference is running with a shadow priest. I hear a lot of crap about them being superior in damage to a lock. I just don't see it. I do, however see them as a huge asset. I ran with one through some q's a while back. Having shadow weaving on something and my curse of shadows.. makes me and that guy very VERY happy. Plus, he can heal (even if not spec'd, you are still a priest), and do the other priestly duties.

All this being considered, I have too many alts. I play for a while come up against a strategy that either beats me or I think is very beneficial to group play, but is under-used.. Then I make a toon for that class and level it to see why it might not be used. So far so good with that. I picked a warlock after being schooled by them with my hunter. That no longer happens. I picked a shaman to figure out the same thing (but from being schooled by one with my lock.. casters fear the dwarfenstuff). Rogues? I got one for just such an occasion. I think the Rogue is probably the LEAST fun to play. I am so used to fighting mobs 2-3 levels above me, and the rogue is just hard pressed to do this. Now, if I can find a pally to run with this works great. Those guys don't do much damage (I have one..) but last FOREVER. So I can do the damage and they can get beat on..

My Mage would be my MAIN ALT. As she's in her 20's. But the 20's is an abysmal 10 levels to go through. Stockades is all you can do instance wise (that I know of), and those suck. My least favorite instance by far. She's my enchanter, and tailor. So really I should focus more on her and get her leveling up. Ideally I'd like to get her to 49, to have as a PvP alternative to my dwarf. Plus as 49, she could level both tailoring and enchanting to 300. The limit to get to at least 300 would require a level of 35 I have heard, but 39 bg's suck usually. My real concern is that my skills in melee would be hurt by me playing 2 casters for that long (mcgoo and estavian[mage]).

To be honest my FAV Alt is my priest Healyoself. Healing is just a lot more fun than I ever thought it would be. He should move along just fine if I could get him to 30. Now he's not a priority, but I do plan on playing him every 10 days to get him up 2 levels from rested XP. He is a lot of fun, but he's painful to level with alone. If I could find a guy to do some damage I could keep him alive.. Often enough though, this is hard to do. I have met/seen about 14 priests TOTAL in all of my travels of my realm Medivh. That being said, it must be rare to have a healer like that so I would assume they'd be in demand. In fact they are and really group composition later in the game almost requires a healer to even hope for success. And while I've heard tale of Pally's and Druids doing healing.. I haven't seen one do as good as a priest. Not saying they can't get it done, just saying.. most day's I'd prefer a priest.

So this weekend I'll be hitting some thorium for a little while.. then I'm going back to the alt rotation to be prepared for the week when the people I know will be on to run around with.

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Valdesta said...

Hey there!

I'm just getting back into my blog stuff now that I'm back home, so I'll spend some quality time reading and commenting on your blog very soon :)

I'm looking forward to the info about the Warlock as my experience is very low, but I've heard some great things about how fun it is to play and how different the specs are played.


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