Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Yummy basilisk!

If you have ever read anything hear read the warlock how to I wrote up. In that I comment on cooking, and how it rules and you should do it.. shut up and do it already.

There is a recipe that calls for basilisk meat that increases your spellpower.. (any of you casters hear that?).. your +dmg goes up. A decent amount to boot. I typically keep 2 kinds of food on me, buzzard bites, and basilisk, but I am also keeping talbuk steaks too.

Why Mcgoo? Why 3 kinds of food? The answer is pretty simple. Basilisk helps me do more damage, great if I have a burly fella in plate armor getting hit on instead of ME. Buzzard bites are great for grinding, they buff my stamina really well and my spirit (I use spirit, so sue me). And the last, the talbuk steak. This is used to fill my life when my buff from being "well fed" is still active and I don't want to waste another basilisk or buzzard bite.

So.. Keep 3 stacks of food with you at all times. Don't question it!! just do it.
***sidenote, having a few extra for teammates makes people love you. Having one for +agi for rogues/hunters and +str/atk pwr for warriors makes everyone happy.

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