Wednesday, October 17, 2007

New guild

I have had nothing but love for my friends/family over at Elder Dragons, and then the splinter guild Mystic Abyss, and the other one also mystic.. or something..

I've been recently (so recently armory doesn't show it) signed on to The Order of Medivh. My biggest fear of it being a "stuffy" guild and not goofing around was quickly abated by some really crazy comments here/there by people doing.. well doing stuff I can't get to for being too low in level.

I'm excited to be in this guild, for its great members.. and good reputation amongst other players on Medivh. I won't get too much into it but this guild has done some stuff that seemed way too long/hard to do for their key members.. I hope to contribute to it at some point instead of just being "color commentary" in guild chat. We'll see, I'm sure..

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