Friday, October 12, 2007

Ruin Vs UA

Well after a long debate, and some playing around with Ruin currently..

I decided to respec and get UA. I like the big "boom" Ruin brings to the table, but dislike when a tank has to grab aggro back cause I hit for 2.5k on a shadowbolt. If it was a talent that you could activate and had a cooldown, etc.. I'd keep it. But the unknown kinda randomness to it makes it undesirable to me. Now farming, when I'm farming for leather, I LOVE it. Nothing like a nightfall proc and then ruin going off and hitting a lvl 40 guy for almost 3k.

The respec should happen this weekend. As its my first with the 'goo, it'll cost me 1g. Which is reasonable. I'm glad I spent time using ruin, and enjoying its crunchy goodness. I just don't think it fits well with my "please don't let that huge orc with a flaming axe hit me" playing style. UA won't bring as much damage as ruin on occasion, but it will sup up my drain life/mana ability.. AND its shadow based, so my dots have increased by 1 and my damage might be surprising. I may run a few Ramps/BF runs to test this DoT out on the bosses. I'm at the high end for running either really at this point, but I know both instances well from doing the painful rep grind. I don't know that I'll ever do something like that again to be honest. Except when I shift to tailoring and want the mystic spellthread hehe..

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