Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Look to any/all that read this blog, I have been bogged down in classes and with RL concerns and unable to do much on the "WoW" front.

I am recently out from under that shadow, and assume things will make a drastic 180 and push me towards more and more WoW for the next couple weeks (until finals, basically).

Progress Report:
Dwarfenstuff has his weapons, he has his rune.
He needs:
  1. 150 hlth enchant on his chest
  2. +agi ench on both his weps (yikes, that will hurt)
  3. fortitude ench on his feet (stamina FTW!)
  4. new shoulders (the scorpid ones have great agi, but spirit isn't something I want/need)
  5. the lower level rune of duty (I don't know if the +life per second stacks, but the stamina does..)
  6. maybe eventually get another hat and put a head enhancement on it
  7. POSSIBLY, if I had a crapton of gold, I'd get a purple ranged wep (hurricane, or precisely calibrated boomstick)
Mcgoo is now thundering through HFP, leaving carnage in his wake. Still on my regular mount, no epic for me :( . With any luck I'll push through to 65 tonight, but I wouldn't hold my breath on that. I've done a crap load of quests and pushed pretty far in 64.. about halfway.

Tonight I think my shammytwink and my dwarf are going to go out and see what kind of irritation they can cause. Well Zenior is more irritating, but dwarf can really screw over a whole team if he's ignored even for a second. Its obvious when I get "noticed" as I almost immediately get a mage and a warrior assigned to "hurt the dwarf" duty. and they will leave their flag carrier to kill me. Its a mark of pride that they send 2.. usually only 1 returns.. hehe.

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