Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Mana Tombs

Well I got into a little "mana tombs" action last night. And by a little action, I mean I got the holy foofoo kicked out of me. We had a "ok" group, but there were some group cohesion issues.

All that being looked at, but discarded to tell you this:
Unstable Affliction = holy crap damage

I actually BEAT my mage friend in damage, and I was not (IMO) doing all that I could most of the time. For this I apologize, but seriously.. This is a new instance for me and I didn't really know how to roll in there. I did the best I could, and can happily say, I wasn't a weak link. We had a 70 healer (from my new guild!) and that was pretty awesome. Healer was a resto druid in Tree form. Now aside from being wicked funny looking, I always liked druid healers. I always felt like, doing a HoT would be better in most cases than a big massive heal. This was very true for us in Mana Tombs. As a lock, if I see I have a HoT on me, and I have full life and not full mana. I lifetap baby. The healer was great, and I was good. We had a pally that seemed to get HAMMERED (ret pally). Some aggro issues between him and the tank also.

We got up to the last boss, but couldn't take him out. I don't do enough direct damage to get rid of the stupid beacons.. and well.. Lets just say aggro issues caused a lot of problems. I got a 5g repair bill, and about 20-30g in random crap and AH goodies. It was fun, but I want to be more powerful when I run in there next.

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